Waterproof Amazon Kindle

Kindle is an e-reader of Amazon product which comes with a bundle of features and each feature makes this e-reader cut above the rest, for instance, a waterproof feature of kindle is embellished to protect it from being damaged if it drops into the water. As we know, the kindle turns into a wonderful gadget for avid readers who do not want to miss out on a moment, while being in a pool; they want to read their favorite books, magazines, articles, blogs, and more. At this point in time, they need such a kindle which must be water-resistant and repellent. This post will assist those readers, who are looking forward to buying a waterproof amazon kindle, and all generations of the Kindle are not enabled with this feature, therefore before buying a kindle for this specific work, go through amazon/device support carefully. 

Purpose Of Selecting A Waterproof Amazon Kindle

Reading is a good habit since it keeps you updated with your surroundings, so nurturing this habit is not something bad. Readers don’t want to miss any opportunity whether being at the poolside, on the beach, at the lakeside and so on. Sometimes, it gets slipped out from your hands and drops into water and if it is not water repellent; it gets damaged on the spur of the moment. If you have a plan to buy a waterproof amazon kindle, you must discover this model of the kindle which is equipped with the feature that protects your device from getting damaged if it drops in water.

List Of Waterproof Amazon Kindles That Are Given Below

Take note that all the kindles on Amazon are not waterproof so, if you are on the way to buying a waterproof amazon kindle, you must complete your research before buying this gadget so that it can serve your need. At the moment, the kindle has rolled out two models which can give protection against water: the Oasis and the paperwhite.

Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof

Kindle paperwhite was not embellished with a waterproof feature, but the next version of it has been loaded with a waterproof feature that is known as waterproof amazon kindle paperwhite. Many old models of kindle can be found in the market; at the time of buying a kindle paperwhite, you must be conscious because there are many used and refurbished kindles available.

The price of kindle paperwhite varies between $130 and $180. The variation in price which we notice is due to its storage capacity and ads. Kindle paperwhite is rated IPX8 which meant it allows the device to live in freshwater for up to 60 minutes at a depth of 6 feet and if it falls into seawater, it can survive only for three minutes at the depth of around 10 inches.

Kindle Oasis Is More Sophisticated Than Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Oasis is a better option for buyers. It comes with an extra layer of security like the body is made out of aluminum along with physical buttons which are used to turn the pages. The interface of kindle Oasis makes it more sophisticated than other devices. The touch screen of this device helps pages to move faster and smoother. All these additional features make this device a bit more expensive the price range is between $250 to $300, and the rest of the features are similar.

Most people want to buy a kindle which should be waterproof so that they can have a reading experience in rain or while walking on the beach or lakeside or in the pool. It gives a thrilling experience to its readers; rather it was never ever possible with physical books but you can enjoy it with your waterproof amazon kindle. It has evolved into one of the best devices on the market. 

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Which Waterproof Amazon Kindle You Should choose And Why
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