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Amazon Kindle offers a great reading experience to its users as it is enabled with sophisticated technology. One can read one’s favorite subject near the water body like on the bank of the pool, beach, or when it rains. The best thing about Amazon Kindle is that one can read e-content at night by turning on warm light on Kindle which helps us to cut down the harsh blue light. However many of its users do not know how to use warm light on Amazon Kindle. Considering their grievances, either fire tablet help option or this post has been published to provide complete information about the use warm light on Amazon Kindle.

Why Do We Need To Use Warm Light On Amazon Kindle

Many Kindle users were seen complaining about their sleep disorder or eye strain due to reading at night or in the dark as it happens due to blue light emitted by the white front light. In order to keep this issue aside, Amazon has launched e-readers which come with a built-in front light and you can activate it for reading at night or in the dark place.

Some models are prepared with warm light which is used to add a nice yellow and orange tint to the device display thus you feel comfortable while reading e-content at night by the use warm light on Amazon Kindle. The warm light feature on Kindle works as the night mode of your phone.

Kindle E-Readers Are Enabled With Warm Light Feature

Unfortunately, the list does not go long while there are only two Kindle models that support the warm light feature given below.

• Kindle Paperwhite belongs to 11th Gen.

• Kindle Oasis (2019).

The warm light feature is missing in other models of Kindle e-readers. As the warm light feature is a chain of amber LEDs in place of the white LEDs for the front light. This feature cannot be to earlier models with a software update. Now, it is time to learn how to use warm light on Amazon Kindle. As it has been mentioned above, the warm light characteristic can be activated only on two models of Kindle like Kindle Oasis (2019) or Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen.

Steps To Help You Activate Warm Light Feature On Kindle.

• Go to the home screen of the Kindle to enable the warm light, and click on the “drop-down arrow”. While reading your e-content, you can hit “anywhere” in the top section.

• After that you will find a slider to change the warmth.

• Dragging the warmth slider, you will either tap on the “+” or “-” buttons to change the device screen temperature.

• The intensity of warmth that you have set will decide whether it’s yellowish or orangish. 

You can also establish a schedule for the use warm light on Amazon Kindle, which can be set either automatically or manually. In order to activate this feature, open the Quick Actions panel, and click on the Schedule button given adjacent to the warmth slider. Now if you opt for the Automatic option, the warm light would adjust with sunrise and sunset time. Or you can turn on the manual mode where you can set start and end times for the warm light effect.

Extended blue light exposure before bedtime is not good because it can potentially disrupt the secretion of melatonin which is responsible for regulating wake-sleep cycles. However, if you prefer reading at night time, you would be well-advised to activate the feature with the use warm light on Amazon Kindle.  This can mitigate the harsh impact of blue light by lowering the intensity of the light. And if you are using the Kindle which does not have a Warm light feature, you can resort to using dark mode on your device as it would nearly serve the same purpose as the warm light feature.

This post has comprehensively covered the activation of how to use warm light on amazon kindle. However, if you encounter any obstacles along the way or need more information about it you can contact the online expert who are available round the clock to assist you, thus you will be able to resolve the issue with ease.

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How To Use Warm Light On Amazon Kindle In Easy Steps
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