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The mode of reading content is getting to be digitalized at a rapid pace; therefore, many companies have rolled out their products on the market, and Amazon is also one of them, it has launched its product with the name kindle. In order to have an edge over its competitors, Amazon keeps adding its software. Recently, Amazon launched a new software version which is known as 5.13.7 to update its software. The kindle users are not friendly with this software therefore they find it hard to deal with it; therefore, it says that updating kindle causes outrage. Seeing the difficulties faced by its users to understand this software. This post concerns with ins and outs of it. Apart from this issue if its users need more information about kindle, www kindle com support is here to resolve your issue.

More often than not, the kindle users are not seen complaining about it. Once in a while, the minor update is done with it which is not a hassling job for the users to understand. In general, while keeping the user interface in mind, the update is executed to make it friendly for the kindle apps for Android or iOS.

Many kindle users like to stick to their old interface because they do not face any sort of a hurdle to use it. If suddenly software is updated, the old users find it hard to use it as comfortably as the last one, in this situation; the users are not asked before making any changes. Regarding updating the software, Amazon wants to get feedback from its customers via e-mail but no query is entertained by its team, and does not consider any sorts of complaints.

Removal Of Ad Supported Banner From The Screen Of The Kindle

All the time updating kindle causes outrage is not possible, many a time, it has been noticed that it has many advantages as well. By way of this software this time, many add supported banners are eliminated from the home screen and library view of the kindle. After updating the software, only screen saver ads are visible.

Now, this is high time to get to know why updating kindle causes outrage. Therefore, there are major issues which are given below.

Departure Of The Back Button:

The removal of the back button from the kindle seems to be one of the most sincere issues which are faced by its users because which they find it hard to change the page of the book while reading a book. Instead of this button, they fitted now a swipe arrow that is used from bottom to top by swiping it. The old button seems to be handier than the new one that’s why the user doesn’t want sometimes updating kindle causes outrage.

Home Screen Recommendations:

As the latest update is done by Amazon, the home screen view cannot be disabled by the users. Thereafter, you will be able to see the recommendation of Amazon on the screen of the kindle. Despite making an extra payment of $20 for an ad-free Kindle, you can still switch to the library in order to view it manually. As a matter of fact, it will be there for the most part. Thus, the home screen of the Kindle cannot be avoided.

List View:

It is one of the most talked-about disappointments for the users, and they are able to see the list view instead of the cover view. As we know the list view is enabled to show five titles at a time which is two titles less than the earlier one.

How To Learn Prevent Update?

Updating kindle causes outrage that can be avoided if the kindle is kept in an airplane mood; by using Wi-FI, one can download a new book as quickly as possible. Make sure that as you go to Wi-Fi mode, an update will be downloaded automatically on your kindle. In order to disable upgrading the software, none of the methods is available. Apart from using the jailbroken device, it is not easy work to do.  Still, there are many updates in the pipeline for the Amazon’s home screen.

Updating kindle causes outrage and is one of the surging issues for the kindle users. Therefore, they do not find it easy to get used to it. But it cannot be ignored for a longer period of time. However, users are unable to overcome this issue; they can get support from experts remotely.  

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Amazon Updating Kindle Causes Outrage For Its Users
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