The market gets flooded with e-readers but Amazon kindle is one of the spearhead devices, which is riddled with sophisticated features.  However, it has a few issues that occur as time passes. To update your kindle e-books manually or automatically is one of them. If our kindle is not updated or we receive a message to update kindle, the kindle books should be updated after getting the message. In this post, all the information is going to be covered to update your kindle e-books that will guide us to overcome this issue within a minute. Here is the way to keep our books on kindle updated.

Why Do You Need To Update Your Kindle E-Books?

For the purpose of enjoying the best version of the book that you want to read, it is necessary to update your kindle e-books. In order to update your kindle e-books, we need to make only a few efforts like make corrections for typos, maybe with new appendixes, formatting or bonus content. 

In general, it comes up with two questions such as how to check your book which is completely updated or how to update your Kindle e-books manually or automatically. In the next paragraph, here are the answers to both these questions in an easy way that will help you overcome this issue.

How To Check If Your Kindle Books Need Updating?

The first thing, we need to do is to go to our Amazon website, and then make sure you log in to your Amazon personal account. If you want to update your Kindle e-books manually, you must keep the kindle automatically option off, only thereafter, you can adopt the option of updating the kindle manually.  Here are a few steps to update the kindle book manually.

1.  At first, you go to Amazon.com (according to your country’s Amazon domain).

2.  Now, under your Amazon account, you will scroll down until you find “manage your content & device”.  

3.  After that you can go through the list of purchased books.

4.  If a new version of any book is available, you will find the button “update available” towards the right side and click on it. 

5.  If such kind of link is not available with your purchased book, it means you are reading the latest version of the book.     

After updating your kindle book, you can find your updated kindle book in your library. If you want to see your book in the library, it is easy to work you just need to go to your library and select “sort” after that “recent”. You will find your latest updated book on the top of your library.

Update Your Kindle Book Manually

For updating your kindle book manually, you need a few steps which are given below.

• The first thing you need to do is to go to Amazon.com.

• Under the next step, you go to your Amazon account and choose your kindle unlimited option.

• After that, access to “manage your content and devices”, you reach all those contents which are purchased and go through all those content and click on update available.

In order to get the latest version of books, it is necessary to update Kindle books. It has two modes of updating the kindle, which have been explained above. However, you find it hard updating your kindle book, you can get Kindle Support remotely and your problem will be resolved with ease.

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Update Your Kindle E-Books Manually And Automatically
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