Uninstall Apps On Kindle Fire

Kindle fire table is rolled out by Amazon which is equipped with the latest features, and one of the best features is that its apps are downloaded so, many apps can be added to your kindle fire tablet. Owing to this feature, kindle fire users can install many apps on their devices. Many a time, it has been noticed that many apps are available on your device and some of them are useless which mostly covers the space of your device consequently slowing down its speed. At this point, it becomes necessary to uninstall redundant apps on your kindle fire which can be done by using simple methods. Many a time, it has been observed that kindle users encounter a few technical glitches; one can use Kindle.Com/Support to overcome these glitches.   

In order to uninstall apps on kindle fire, two modes are used by its users mostly which are having different steps to follow.

Points To Remember

A few of the default apps, Facebook, IMDB, calendar, video & music player, and many more on kindle fire cannot be uninstalled by its users unless they root their device.

Uninstall Apps On Kindle Fire With This Method

• Go the home screen of your kindle fire tablet and find the apps option to click on it.

• Move to the next screen and tap on the device button.

• After that, you will find all the installed apps on your device, and then find the app which you are looking forward to uninstalling apps.

• You can tap and hold an app icon which is displayed, after that tap on “remove” from your device.

• As you click on the remove icon, you will be asked to click on “OK” which is available at the bottom of the screen to verify an installation of this app.

• By way of adopting these steps, you can get rid of all those apps which you want to remove.

Uninstall Apps On Kindle Fire Using Second Method

• If you want to uninstall apps on kindle, this technique is going to help you.

• Go to the home screen of your kindle and tap on the “gear icon” then more.

• After that, you will find the setting screen that displays many options you need to tap on applications.

• As soon as you will click on applications running, third party and all applications will appear. Select all applications, thus you will be able to find the app which you want to uninstall from the whole set.

• Select the app which you want to uninstall.

• In order to find more information of the app like its version, how much space has been covered on your device, and more, you must move to the next screen.

• And then you must tap on “uninstall “button.

• Lastly, a verification message will appear on the screen with OK option, if you want to uninstall it, you click on “ok”.

Apart from these methods, if you want to uninstall apps, you must go to factory default settings. Make sure that once you do the factory default settings, your will have to download your apps once again. All these apps are also available in the cloud as well, so you do not need to purchase again.

Uninstall apps on kindle fire can be done by way of going through this article with ease. If you find it hard, you can get support from experts who can resolve your problem in no time.  

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Uninstall Apps On Kindle Fire By Using Simple Methods
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