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Amazon is the most prominent online platform across the world. Kindle is the product of Amazon which is enabled with advanced technology and proving its metal among its competitors. In order to keep pace with the time, Amazon keeps adding new features to it. This post is dedicated to exposing ins and outs of the touch screen on kindle paperwhite for its owners who struggle to use this feature. Apart from this post, the owner of the kindle can use kindle paperwhite support to get the maximum use of the touch screen on kindle paperwhite.

If you have bought a new kindle paperwhite that is incorporated with the touch screen on kindle paperwhite feature and you find it hard to deal with this feature, here are a few tips that will guide you to make aware thereof.

Kindle Paperwhite Is Enabled With Home Icon Instead Of Home Button:

Before rolling out the kindle paperwhite, earlier kindle used to be enabled with a physical home button and it used to be available on the home screen of the kindle. Now, kindle paperwhite’s home button is converted into the home icon that is available on a toolbar at the top of the home screen.

If at the time of reading a book or other digital content, you are unable to see a toolbar, no need to be disappointed, you just need to tap at the top of the screen of your kindle paperwhite to make it appear.

Main Features Of Kindle Paperwhite Touch Screen:

The touch screen on kindle paperwhite is known for its tapping, swiping, and pinching, which will enhance your reading experience on Kindle.

Using Taping Is Inevitable While Reading Digital Content:

Using tap on the kindle paperwhite is a simple gesture that is used by the kindle owners while reading a book. If you want to activate this button onscreen, you must tap on the button. And if you want to view the booklist kindle paperwhite, and then tap one in order to open it. This activated button can be used while reading the digital content to take the page forward and backward or to display a menu of commands.

Using Swiping Is A Common Gesture:

While reading digital content, swiping is a common gesture for the kindle users, with a view to moving a page backward or forward, this action is performed similarly, the same action is done by those people who read a physical book by flipping a paper page. To move backward or forward is executed by swiping the button which is available on both sides.

Kindle PaperWhite Home Screen

Using Long Tapping To Increases The Flexibility Of The User Interface:

Long-tap is also known as a tap and hold. In general, tap and hold is used for a specific purpose, depending on what you like to view at the time, for instance, if you intend to view a book page, tap on long-tap on a word to display its definition, in the same way, if you want to view a list of the books on the home screen of the kindle paperwhite, you can make a long tap on a particular book thus, the particular book can be added to its collection and read its description.

For the purpose of buying the book from Amazon, you can tap and hold the title of the book which is available on the sample list, after reading its description, if you wish to delete it, you can delete the sample of the book from your device with ease.

Using Pinching And Un-Pinching Technology:

At the time of reading digital content on kindle paperwhite, if you want to zoom in or zoom out, you can do it but for performing this action, you need to use your two fingers like a finger and a thumb. While performing the pinch action, you need to place your two fingers on the screen of the content and slide your fingers closer together, thus the font size will be decreased. Likewise, you perform this action in the same way while making the slight changes in finger movement, move your fingers apart thus the font size will increase, this action is called an un-pinch.

Touch Screen On Kindle Paperwhite With Zone:

The Kindle paperwhite is enabled with tap zones which will help your turn pages easily using one finger.   

Top Zone Of Kindle Paperwhite: 

The top zone of the kindle paperwhite is incorporated with two toolbars one is at the top of the screen which contains the option of home, store, search, back, light, and menu icons. The other toolbar is situated at the bottom of the screen that contains X-ray, go to, share icons, and so on.  

Central Zone: 

This is one of the largest areas of the home screen among the three zones that are situated in the middle of the screen. Using swipe or tap in this zone, helps you to move to the next page. 

Left Zone: 

In order to move to the previous page, you need to click in the left column for going back to the previous page. Since this zone is quite narrow so you have to tap rightly.

The touch screen on kindle paperwhite is an outstanding feature of this device that helps its users to increase the font size, move pages backward and forward, and so on. If kindle paperwhite users find it hard to get used to this technology, they can coordinate experts who can assist them remotely.   

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