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Kindle fire is one of the best tablets for the e-readers who want to get good reading experience, video streaming, and a few good applications. Since kindle fire comes at a reasonable price spending your bucks are worth it. However, a few the issues are encountered by its users, and one of the most common is its silk browser which gets sluggish and it becomes quite irritating and annoying for the users. They want to overcome as early as possible. Recently, Amazon rolled out a new kindle fire tablet which has ultra-smooth and ultra-fast Web browsing. The kindle fire users will find the solution of how to speed up silk web browser on kindle fire in this post. If the users find some issues regarding kindle fire, they can use amazon device support to overcome this issue. In order to speed up silk web browser on kindle fire, there are many modes to do this, by reading this blog, find the solution thereof.

Why Kindle Fire Has Slackening Issue With Silk Browser?

As we know that kindle fire is enabled with a 7-inch screen which is not so big as a desktop, therefore Amazon silk web browser which is designed to perform like a desktop browser is not compatible with it. Small space on the screen of the fire tablet makes silk browser of this device incompatible with it. It can be one of the concrete reasons to make this device slow. Apart from it, adobe flash can be another reason to make this device sluggish. Due to adobe flash, the silk browser cannot work at its expected optimum capacity. As a result, browser‘s speed is affected badly which becomes headache for the its users. In terms of a few sites, flash works decently. Mostly, most of the sites are not compatible with it. At this point, flash can be disabled.

In order to speed up silk web browser on kindle fire, the kindle fire users must alter the browser’s default settings. You must disable the flash plugin, for it you should set the browser to display mobile versions of web pages and then disable the browser acceleration feature.

Speed UP Silk Web Browser On Kindle Fire

Due to being enabled with small screen is not possible to satisfy your reading spirit because of its silk browser which makes this device slower. The size of the screen can be enlarged using pinch-to-zoom which is very tedious process. In order to avoid doing this tedious process, One can set browser from desktop to mobile version of browsers, thus, the web page will be displayed on the small screen of kindle fire tablet and it also increases the download speed.

Amazon gives an opportunity to the kindle fire user to accelerate silk browser which is considered as a great idea. Nowadays, this technique seems to be unreliable that is why kindle fire owner do not prefer this technique. As a last resort, they have to turn off this feature.

Steps To Speed UP Silk Web Browser On Kindle Fire

  • At first, you must open the Amazon silk browser.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will find the menu button to tap.
  • After that, click on settings button.
  • You must enable the plug-ins and turn it off.
  • During this step, you must accelerate page loading, and it should not be checked.
  • You will set it on either desktop or mobile view, as per your convenience, you will set it to mobile for optimizing mobile view.

As you follow the above-given steps, you will find good speed of your silk web browser on kindle fire. I recommend you to go through this post carefully, and you will be able to speed up silk web browser on kindle fire with ease. However if there is any difficulty, you can get the help of experts remotely. 

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How To Speed Up Silk Web Browser On Kindle Fire Easily
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