Amazon Silk Browser Problems

Silk Browser is Amazon's proprietary software built specially for Kindle Fire and Fire TV. Launched in 2011, it is powered by Amazon Cloud technology and It uses Bing as a default search engine. It comes preinstalled on all Fire devices and works out of the box without much customizations. Users can browse internet on Silk Browser just like any other browser, it even works faster than others on Kindle Fire devices. If you are facing issues while using your Silk Browser on Amazon Kindle? Don’t worry, these problems can be fixed easily.

Amazon Kindle Silk Browser Problems

Although Silk Browser is built on a very robust platform but still there are few issues being faced by Kindle Fire users every now and then. Here are the most common problems with their solutions.

Can't Find Silk Browser On Kindle Fire

Silk Browser is a part of Kindle Fire, if you can't find Silk Browser on Kindle Fire or Silk Browser icon is missing from the home just go the Apps and look there. You need to very careful while searching, it’s a tiny icon and you might not see that if you are in hurry. It can't be removed from Kindle Fire but there are chances someone just deleted the shortcut from the home screen.

Silk Browser Disappeared From Kindle

As said earlier it cannot be deleted from Kindle, it's just a shortcut that can be removed from the Home, but it will always be there on your Kindle Fire. If Silk Browser disappeared from Kindle Fire, try searching in your Apps first and if you cannot locate it, reboot your Kindle Fire by pressing the power button for 40 seconds. As soon as your device is powered on again, you will be able use Silk Browser again.

Amazon Kindle Silk Browser Problems

Amazon Silk Browser Not Working

It might be a hassle if the Silk Browser won’t Open or Silk Browser Crashing continuously. Well, that’s easy to fix. You need do is to clear the cache and cookies. Follow these steps to fix Silk Browser Problems on Kindle Fire:

  1. Go to the browser's history.
  2. Next, you tap the Trash icon.
  3. Then, you can select Cookies and the Site Data. From here, you can see the Cached Images and other files. You make sure that no other things are selected to make the process a success.
  4. Now you tap the Clear Data.
  5. You swipe on the left part and choose Settings.
  6. After this, you can type Advanced and then Site Settings.
  7. Last, you make sure  these are all selected:
  • The camera is Ask First
  • Location is Blocked
  • Cookies are Allowed
  • The microphone is Ask First
  • Pop-ups are Blocked
  • Media Autoplay is Allowed

Connect Your Device to Wireless Network

Don’t rush the solution process if your wireless connection is not stable. You can’t use any web browser if your Kindle device does not have internet connection. So the first thing is to Connect Kindle to WiFi network of your house or office. You can also use public WiFi networks if available.

Turn Off Parental Controls

Some apps on your Kindle Fire device won't work if the Parental Controls are not off. So, you swipe on the top part of the screen and select Settings. Then, you press Parental Controls and turn it off. You can also Reset Kindle Parental Controls Password. The password you would type is different from your PIN or screen password. Parental controls might also affect Silk Browser's functionality to try after turning it off.

There are also sites that offers you compatible apps for the Silk Browser. You can check this on Amazon Kindle Support and have the best results. Also, you have to take note that not all websites are compatible with the reading view. So, you have to make sure the Reading View is compatible with the website. Silk Browser problems have simple solutions, it’s up to you to apply them. You need to follow the above mentioned guidelines carefully to get a success. Come and give it a try now!

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Janet Cunnington

How do I get silk back on carousel

Jeff Parker

Is there a way to do a very simple “copy link” on a fire tablet using the Silk browser? It takes only seconds to do on my phone. Then paste the link on another page? Seems such a small task yet nothing is said anywhere about it.

Albert Mikutis

When I click on the share icon in Silk takes me not to my email but some sort of file


Can’t go to other tabs in silk browser


I’m having the same issue. The tabs (going back and forth, closing and opening a new one) are freezing up.


i called Amazon today. The lady was putting in a ticket on this.

Nynka Arthur

I ‘m having the same problem. I can’t close my tabs.


Try turning auto rotate on and off


And rotate from portrait to landscape and back again (or visa versa)

Joel Gaspin

My image on silk is too large for screen. Either the top or bottom is slightly cut off. I have a fire 10 hd. Other apps are ok.

Tom Huffstutler

The TABS buttons in the Silk browser keep going dead. Can’t open or close a TAB. Have to reboot Fire to make them work again. Happens several times a day.


Sometimes my Silk browser will not let me close the tabs at the top.

Deborah Murphy

Hi Jim, I was just going to post the same question. Hoping someone answers soon!


How do I stop videos from autoplaying in the Silk browser?

Dave Edwards

On my Fire tablet 10, my clipboard in Silk works fine except when I copy a URL. It will only paste the domain, not the path. If I highlight a URL, unhighlight the first letter and then copy, it will paste all that I highlighted; but if I include the first letter, again, it will only paste the domain. What adjustment in Silk Setting should I make so I can paste complete URL after I copy it?

Donna Patterson

I have experienced the same issue.

Montzalee Wittmann

Same here! Please tell me how you fixed it!


Same issue here


Same problem. How do you fix it?

Michael Lea

My,fire 7 always fails to block redirection
Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

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