Amazon’s line of e-readers includes a range of innovative devices, and the Kindle Paperwhite is especially notable for its numerous standout features. Among these features is “Send to Kindle", which allows users to add Kindle-compatible e-books, documents, and other content stored on their PC or Android device to their Kindle Paperwhite. However, many of us are more accustomed to using email for sending documents, and the Kindle email method is easily executed with just a few clicks. This feature makes adding compatible content or sending files to Kindle Paperwhite from a PC or Android device simple.

The Kindle E-mail feature allows users to enjoy their favorite e-book or document of kindle paperwhite, irrespective of where they are stored. This feature also saves users from the hassle of transferring the files manually, which can be very tedious and time-consuming otherwise. If you want to send files to Kindle Paperwhite using the “Kindle e-mail" feature, you’ve come to the right place. Either amazon kindle help or this tutorial provides all the information and steps required to execute the process seamlessly.

E-Mail Compatible File Format

In order to send files to Kindle Paperwhite using the device’s unique email address, it is essential to ensure that the files are in formats compatible and readable by the Kindle Paperwhite. In addition, it is crucial to ensure these files are not protected by DRM as this may prevent them from being assessed on kindle paperwhite. Below are the formats which are supportable with Kindle Paperwhite.


• Microsoft Word(DOC or DOCX)


• Plain text (TXT)

• Rich Text ( RTF)

• Kindle Format (MOBI,AWZ)

• Graphic (JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP)

Use Kindle Paperwhite’s Email Address

In order to read your e-book and documents on kindle paperwhite, you are to convert and send them to the email address associated with Kindle, which is in format This email address is automatically generated during the registration process. You need to ensure that documents or e-books sent to this email address must kindle a compatible format. Furthermore, if you want to change your Kindle Paperwhite email address, you are free to do it. You just need to execute a few easy steps which are given later in this tutorial.

How To Locate Kindle Paperwhite’s Address

If you are not aware of where to find your device’s unique email address, here are the steps to locate your Kindle Paperwhite’s email address.

1. Click on the menu button.

2. Tap on the settings.

3. Locate the Device Options and click on them.

4. Then move to click on Personalize Your Kindle option.

5. As you execute the above step, the Send-to-Kindle E-mail screen pops up. 

6. Now click on the Send-to-Kindle E-mail option which is provided in the last.

7. You will find a screen containing your Kindle Paperwhite E-Mail Address presents itself.

How To Update Your Paperwhite's E-Mail Address

In order to change the email address associated with your Kindle Paperwhite, access your Amazon account from a computer or other device and follow these steps.

1. Open the Amazon website
2. Sign in to your Amazon account, if asked.
3. On the left-hand menu, click on Personal Document settings provided under Your Kindle Account option.
4. As soon as execute the above option, a screen with your Kindle Paperwhite and e-mail address information will emerge.
5. Now click on the Edit option and fill in your new email address.
6. If you put in an email address that is already taken, you will be asked to fill in an exclusive and unique email address that is already not in use.
7. Now as a last step, you are to click on the save button to make the whole update process you executed above, successful.

In order to send an email to your Kindle Paperwhite, you must authorize your email address and any others to send files to Kindle Paperwhite device. This can only be accomplished via your Amazon account, not from the Kindle Paperwhite itself.

How To Confirm An E-Mail Address, To Be Used To Send Files To Kindle Paperwhite

To ensure the security of the e-mail transfers for Kindle Paperwhite users, Amazon has put up a restriction on the permissible e-mail addresses to be used to send documents to e-mail address. This measure helps safeguard the user’s device and reduces the risk of potential fraudulent activity. Using the Manage Your Kindle page, you are to verify the e-mails list that can send files to Kindle Paperwhite. Here are the steps to be followed in this regard:

1. Open the Amazon website.

2. Sign in to your Amazon account

3. On the left-hand menu, click on Personal Document settings provided under Your Kindle Account option.

4. In the center, under the caption Approved Personal Document E-Mail List is provided. If you find it blank, which indicates you have not confirmed any e-mail address for this purpose or you don’t find the e-mail address which you intend to use this time.

5. Now tap on Add a New E-Mail Address option.

6. Write the e-mail address you want to use for sending content on your Kindle Paperwhite, and then click Add Address.

7. In the center of the screen, you will find the list of approved addresses with a delete button on the right side. If you do not want to use any e-mail address which is there in the approved list, you can delete it using the delete button.

It’s crucial to ensure that your email address, which you most probably be using to send the content, is added to the approved list for sending documents to your Kindle. This will enable you to send files to Kindle Paperwhite devices with ease and without any delays.

This article has very comprehensively covered the subject, of how to send files to Kindle Paperwhite using a Kindle e-mail address, with all the relevant information. However, if you come across any problem with the process, you can contact the online experts who are available round the clock.

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How To Send Files To Kindle Paperwhite Using Kindle E-Mail
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