Root Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Amazon kindle fire, the name of the prominent device, is enabled with cutting-edge technology. This post is dedicated to Amazon fire tablet which is known as a kindle fire. A few of its users find it hard to root kindle fire to access. But by way of going through this article or kindle support, one can learn how to root one’s kindle fire. The main purpose of rooting kindle fire, one can use third-party application, uninstalled pre-loaded apps, and install customs OS. With the help of using Window PC and USB cord, one can root kindle fire to access with ease. Make sure that this instruction is applicable only for fourth generation and later those fire tablets which have been launched by Amazon, such as Fire HD and Fire HDX.

Root Kindle Fire By Following Steps

Here are the steps which will help you to root kindle fire to access it with ease.

• To access the screen of your kindle fire, you should swipe down from the top of the screen of your device, and click on the gear icon to open its settings.

• After that, tap on the “device options”.

• Soon after, tap on the serial number several times until appears developer option.

• In order to activate Android Debug Bridge, tap on “enable ADB”.

• Tap one more time on “enable”.

• For the purpose of taping on “security & privacy”, you should go back to the settings menu.

• Now, click on “apps from unknown sources” which will allow the installation of an application that is not available in the Amazon app store.

• After that, you will be asked to connect your fire tablet to your PC with a USB cord.

• On your PC, download the Amazon fire utility from the XDA developers’ forums.

• Take out the required content from the fire utility zip file to the desktop of your system or wherever you want on your PC.

• During the next step, double-click the windows batch file in order to open the fire utility.

• After that type the number of the action that you want to perform and then press enter.

• Now, you will follow the instructions which are given on the screen.

• Lastly, close the fire utility and disconnect the fire utility from your personal computer. After that, you should restart your PC and execute a factory reset on the device in order for to change to take effect.

Pros Of Rooting Kindle Fire

Root kindle fire to access carries many advantages and a few of which the given below.

• The apps which were not used by you can be used.

• It removes the pre-installed apps.

• It transfers all the installed apps to an SD card.

• It helps to install performance–boosting custom ROMs.

• The device interface or operating system can be changed.

Cons Of Rooting Fire Tablet

• If you do so, the warranty period goes in vain.

• Device can be bricked.

• After that, the device will be more vulnerable to malware and other viruses.

• The performance of the device is suffered badly.

Make sure before root kindle fire to access, you save your important files, photos, and music, to your Amazon cloud or you can transfer all data to another device, like a computer. To root kindle fire to access has both merits and demerits; therefore, before performing this, one can go through this post that will provide a complete overview of it.

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How To Root Kindle Fire To Access Its Capabilities Easily
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