Return Kindle Book Purchased by Mistake

If you ever bought a Kindle book by mistake, you do not have to worry because you can return your accidental Kindle purchase. Many people do not actually know that they can return Kindle book purchased by mistake easily. A lot of people have just settled on keeping the book they purchased by mistake on their shelves. In this article we will let you know that how can you return accidental Kindle purchase such as you purchased  a Kindle book by mistake.

Since consumers have made the habit of buying eBooks on their Kindle devices as it looks easy to them but sometimes things go wrong they end up buying a Kindle book just by mistake. There is no doubt that Kindle devices are very easy to use and instantly allows a consumer to buy a book when title catches their interest. But sometimes it might be a bit tricky as well as a result Kindle users end up buying a kindle book by mistake and they don't even think of returning this accidental Kindle purchase. But it is actually very easy to cancel such accidental purchases, follow these steps to return Kindle book purchased by mistake:

  1. Just after purchasing the book, you will get a pop for order confirmation.
  2. At the bottom of that pop, there is a line that says “Purchased by Accident? Cancel Order “, tap on it.
  3. A refund for this will go to the same payment method that you used to make this purchase.
Return Kindle Book Purchased by Accident

And it's done, this will only work just after few seconds of your purchase. If by any means it's been some time since you made such purchase, you have to follow the other method. But remember that you can only return a Kindle book within seven days of purchase and might be eligible for a full refund. You have to be fair and specify the correct reason for this return. If you are continuously reading the Kindle book for couple of days and then willing return that, Amazon will catch you and might suspend you account as well.

Steps to return an accidental Kindle purchase:

  1. Visit Kindle.Com/Support and login with your Amazon Account.
  2. Navigate to “Manage Your Content and Devices".
  3. Go to “Your Content" Section.
  4. Select the Book and click on “Actions" button.
  5. Select “Return For Refund" from dropdown.
  6. Provide the correct reason for refund,  be fair.
  7. Click on “Return For Refund" button, it's done.

After this you will get an email from Amazon confirming your return and if you are eligible for refund, the exact refund amount will also be there with expected processing time.

This is how you can return Kindle book purchased by mistake within seven days. It is not very much rocket science, and you can do this easily. For a few pointers, if you noticed that the Kindle book was purchased by mistake after seven days, Amazon will not give you an option to return it. While it is relatively easy to return your Kindle book, make sure that you return it before seven days.

If you are sharing your Kindle with your children, there are chances your kids might place such orders by mistake. You can use this guide to return such purchases as well and for future you can enable parental controls so that these things don’t happen again.

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Return Kindle Book Purchased By Mistake Accidentally
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barb craig

i just got a visa stmt and found 6 different books on three different orders from june 8th…I have no idea how these got ordered???how can I return these for a refund as of June 24th? thank you

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