Reset Kindle Parental Control Password (1-855-500-0871)

Using the Amazon Kindle is exciting, because you gain access to all kinds of amazing books. And the great thing is that your child might enjoy it too. With that in mind, in some cases you will have books and content that’s not suitable for kids. If your child knows the current password and PIN, then it might not be that simple. You will be forced to Reset Kindle Parental Control Password or pin on your Kindle Fire. Thankfully, it’s a system that works very simple and it will help a lot.

Forgot Kindle Parental Control Password

If you Forgot Kindle Parental Control Password or you just want to ensure kids won’t have access to certain content, it totally makes sense to change the password. Amazon has already thought of sharing Kindle device with other family members thus Kindle offers you a simple and seamless approach to keep your child away from any type of content that you think is not suitable for them.

Should you do it often? You can change Kindle Parental Control Password as often as you want to. There are no real restrictions, if you have the Amazon account credentials, you can do it as many times as you want. In fact it is recommended to change the Kindle Parental Control Password at least once in a month to keep it secret.

Reset Kindle Parental Control Password

Steps To Reset Kindle Parental Control Password

The first thing you want to do is to go to the lock screen of your Kindle Fire tablet and here you want to add the wrong PIN or password for 5 times. After you do that, then Kindle will automatically offer you a notification where you can change Kindle Parental Control Password and PIN.

You will be asked for your Amazon account password, and then you can tap on Continue. It will totally work, and all you need is to think about a new password or PIN. Add that, confirm it and there you have it, now you have successfully Reset Kindle Parental Control Password and you are good to go.

Protecting Your Child The Right Way

The idea of resetting the Amazon Kindle Parental Control Password is good, and it can bring in front some exciting results. Kindles have been designed in such a way so that they can be used by all family members but it does bring some problems when you have some content on your Kindle that is not suitable for all age groups. Thus it becomes extremely necessary to activate Kindle's Parental Controls and put a strong password on it. This is the only way to share your Kindle with other members of the family while keeping the bad things away.

Plus, the primary focus here is protecting your child from unwanted content on Amazon Kindle, something that you can do with the right Kindle Parental Control Password. Use the tips and ideas listed Kindle Fire Support, it will help you protect your child from any unwanted content on Kindle Fire. Plus, it’s important to keep anyone away from your Kindle if you want to, so these tips and tricks can work very nicely.

We hope this article will help you to get the things done on your Amazon Kindle still if you think we need to add anything to this article, kindly let us know in comments. For further info click here.

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Reset Kindle Parental Control Password (1-855-500-0871)
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This is wrong. The only option that shows after 5 wrong attempts is to reset the device back to factory defaults, and reinstall again. Wow – Do they also build new kitchens to make a sandwich over at Amazon? Another reason I am TUNING OUT Amazon. They suck in every way.


I am unable to reset parental control password. This piece of crap needs a wifi signal to do anything and I can’t turn wifi on without password. Now what?

Josh Hawkins

we have forgot the pin to the parent profile on our sons 10th gen 8″fire tablet, and it is not giving us an option to change the code, little help?


I forgot the parental control password on my Fire 7 (9th generation). Is there some way to reset it without restoring it to factory defaults?

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