Both Remarkable 2 vs Amazon Kindle Scribe turn out to be an epicenter in the digital world. Both these devices are not only used in writing but also in reading as well. Both devices are enabled with a plethora of features that confuse new buyers and make them indecisive as well. Taking your plight into consideration, the kindle support amazon comes with complete information about Remarkable 2 vs Amazon Kindle Scribe, these two devices thus you can choose the right one that can suit your needs as well.

The Remarkable 2 is well-known digital writing slates in the world which has millions of users across the world. While Amazon Scribe is a new e-note that is sold like a hot cake on the market as it has been released by Amazon. Amazon Scribe is a first writing note which turns out to be a de-facto market leader.

Key Selling Points Of Remarkable 2 At A Glance

The Remarkable 2 is known as one of the thinnest tablets in the world with 4.7 mm and its dimension is 188x246x4.7mm which is adjustable in the hands. Its 403.5 grams which makes it quite comfortable to carry. Its internal storage is 8GB which can install a good number of e-books or e-content on it. On single charges with USB-C, its battery lasts for two weeks. By using its cloud service providers like 0neDrive and Dropbox, it can be synced to your phone and PC as well. Its operating system is based on a custom Linux OS and Codex. Its processor and RAM are much better than its contemporary competitors like 1.2 GHz dual-core RAM and 1GB LPDDR3 SD RAM. The screen size of the tablet is 10.3 inches which is large enough to read and write notes. 

Drawbacks Of Remarkable 2

Despite all the outstanding features, it carries a few drawbacks as well. It is not enabled with a front-lit display or a warm light system.  Therefore, one has to depend on natural light to get one’s work done. Its own digital bookstore feature is missing in it. For extending its memory, it is not compatible with an SD Memory card. 

Key Selling Points Of The Kindle Scribe At A Glance

The kindle scribe comes with 10-inch e-ink display with 300 PPI resolutions which is quite similar to Remarkable 2. The front light LED is enabled with 35 LED with warm and cool color tones, and it has a light sensor to automatically adjust front light brightness.  Its processor supports from 2.4GHz to 5.0 GHz which is also compatible with WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPA3. With its battery which runs nearly 12 weeks for reading and 3 weeks for writing.  The best thing about Amazon Scribe is that it supports 8 formats, such as AZW, MOBI, TXT, KFX, PDF, EPUB, AZW3, and PRC.  The weight of the device is 433g. The dimension of the device is 196x230x5.8mm which looks seeing. It comes with three storage variants, such as 16, 32, and 64 GB. 2 GB is occupied by the system files of the device.  Amazon Scribe allows you to edit files and load them on the scribe via using send to kindle. Make sure one is unable to sideload them with the help of a USB-C cable. The DRM –Books can be purchased from the Amazon store to write notes. In order to listen to audio books, one can use its Bluetooth features. After comparing the features between Remarkable 2 vs Amazon Kindle Scribe, you will be easily differentiate which one is good for you.    

Comparison In Their Prices

When we compare between Remarkable 2 vs Amazon Kindle Scribe, the budget is one of the most important things to buying anything. The price of the Remarkable is $399 which is higher than Amazon Scribe. While Amazon Scribe is available at $ 339 for 16 GB, it means the Amazon Scribe is cheaper than the Remarkable 2.

The comparison between Remarkable 2 vs Amazon Kindle Scribe gives an idea about these two devices for new buyers. Finally, it can be said that Amazon Scribe is better than Remarkable 2 despite being a new device.   

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Comparison Between Remarkable 2 Vs Amazon Kindle Scribe
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