How To Display Both Reading Progress And Clock On Kindle

Reading on kindle paperwhite has been a great experience for digital readers in this competitive era which is enabled with the latest features for making the reading experience more entertaining. After reaching a certain stage of life, people get a little time to read books or they have to make arrangements to find time to read books for instance during the lunch break, before going to bed, or traveling, etc. sometimes, they get dived into reading and forget their time to do their fix work. Taking this issue into consideration, this post will guide how to display your reading progress and clock on Kindle paperwhite; therefore, you can overcome this issue with ease also by clicking on the amazon fire tablet help number.

In order to finish your content, you will come to know via reading progress and clock on kindle paperwhite so that you will know how much time is left to read. By way of going through the below-given steps, kindle readers will be able to display or locate a book.

Reading Progress And Clock On Kindle

In order to open your favorite book on kindle paperwhite, its users can reach its toolbar after that its settings from there, users must move to the Font & page settings in order to display both reading progress and clock on kindle. Here are a few of the dedicated steps.

• At the time reading a book, you can open the toolbar by way of tapping at the top.

• Now click on page display.

• Select “font & page settings”.

• Now pick the reading tab.

• Under the reading progress, you will find the content that you want to display at the bottom of your book and will find three options location in the book, page in a book, time left in a chapter, time left in the book, and none.

• For the purpose of finding time while reading content, you must turn on the toggle to display the clock.

• With a view to closing the settings, you can click on x which is on the top right.

• As you see on the bottom left of your book page, by default you will find the reading option to choose from. To the right side of it, you will find the percentage option to complete. After that, a clock will display at the top of the page that you read.

• If you have the intention to change what you find for your reading progress, without opening these settings you can do it.

• Now, click on the bottom left corner of the page, this action will display the upcoming reading progress content from the list. Subsequently, you will tap on continue which will take you to many options like location, book time, chapter time, page number, and none.

Steps To Set The Correct Time On Kindle Paperwhite

Many a time, kindle paperwhite users find the incorrect time that can be fixed easily. For doing so, you need to access your device settings by way of following a few of the steps which are provided below.

• Access the toolbar to open, and then click on settings after that all settings and the menu button which is on the top right and move the settings.

• Now, pick the “device options”.

• After that you can select “device time”.

• By using the arrows in order to adjust the time and then click on “ok”.

While being an e-content lover, if you want to see how much time is left to finish this chapter, this tutorial will help you a lot. However, if you are unable to use reading progress and clock on kindle paperwhite, you can contact experts online; they will help you all the time.

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How To Display Both Reading Progress And Clock On Kindle
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