Amazon kindle is well-known as an e-book that is enabled with the most updated features, and also available for many generations. Amazon has set a benchmark in the arena of the e-book that other e-book could not do it so far. The whole library can be assimilated into a small device which is very easy to operate. There are numerous features available in this device, but this article is dedicated to provide you complete information about how to publish on kindle.

Amazon kindle provides a wonderful platform for budding as well as experienced authors to reach new audiences who are sitting in different corners of the world, thus, they can exhibit their writing skills on this platform. In order to get worldwide fame as well as earn money is only possible with kindle as publish on kindle. Kindle offers an opportunity to its author to kill two birds with one stone like one the one hand you are going to be on the list of the author without paying a single penny, on the other hand, you can monetize your blog that can be a great alternative for you.

Ideal Steps To Publish On Kindle

If you want to publish on kindle, you need guidance and information to follow which is given below.

1. At first, sign up for a kindle publishing for a blog account, move to kindle’s official website And click on it.

2. “Create a New Account”, Enter your name and email address, and click “continue”

3. Pick your security questions and fill in the answers, click create an account.

4. Add your blog feed, and then click your blogs, subsequently, click + Add Blog.

5. Complete your blog information which is given in the form like at first, it will ask you to write down your blog title, and scroll down to the next box in it asks you to write tagline and next type blog description. On the next line, you put in the author’s name.

6. The nest thing is this you are going to insert an image that will be with a minimum of 800×600 pixels, in general, it is known as a screenshot of your blog.

7. Upload your banner that should be a GIF, PNG, or JPG at the size of 430×650 pixels or less.

8. Now, you put your website address for your blog, just right below out there.

9. Select your blog language which you use to create a blog.

10. Then, put in the category that suits you, and find the keyword of your blog.

11. On the next line, type down the frequency of your blog to publish.

12. Click on save, the next to save, you will find a preview of your blog. It is time to click on publish a blog to kindle.

13. It is time to finish your account by way of providing your personal information like your first name, last name, address line one, address line 2, city, state, zip code, country name, and your phone number.

14. Now, your blog is published and are in the list of the author of the kindle. So, you complete the task “ how to publish on kindle ”

If you have a dream of becoming an author and wanted to be famous globally, then you can use kindle as a platform. The above-given information is enough to guide to publish on kindle. If you are unable to do so, you can contact our technicians of Kindle Tech Support who are ready to help you and are able to fix your issue in no time.

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Guidance To Upload & Publish On Kindle For Beginners
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