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Amazon is world’s biggest online business tycoon, which provides its services across all the continents of the world. In this digital world, Amazon has rolled out a series of kindles, which are second to none. Privacy is the primary concern of kindle users. So, Amazon has not left any stone unturned in order to protect the online privacy of its customers and Password protect Amazon kindle is one such step in this way. The content which readers read can be hidden by its users and will not be displayed to other people. Kindle users can save their privacy in two ways by using the kindle support number or by buying a kindle, which is enabled with Password Protect Amazon Kindle feature.

Advantages Of Password Protect Amazon Kindle

Many advantages of password protect Amazon kindle have been reported so far, and a few of them are given below.

• It protects digital content available on your device and, and does not let it slip away from your device to other devices. 

• It does not let others access your device.

• It maintains your privacy by hiding your email address, phone number, and many more.  

How To Set Your Password On Your Kindle

With a view to set passwords on your kindle, it requires a few steps to be followed by its users. Thus they will be able to use password protect amazon kindle. 

• You must visit the top corner of the screen of your kindle, and there you will find three dots, and click on them. 

• As soon as you will click on three dots, find settings in the menu list and click on it.

• After that, you will select “device option”

• As you select the device option, you will find the list of the options in which “device passcode” is there, tap on it. 

• In the window field, you will type the code which may be between 1 and 12 digits, and press enter. After that, you will be asked to enter your passcode for confirmation, and then click on “ok” 

• Now, you have set the passcode, in case of unlocking your kindle, you will have to enter your passcode to access your device.          

Step To Turn Off Passcode Of Your Kindle

A few kindle users do not want to go through this hackneyed and tedious process, in this situation, if you want to turn off the passcode of your kindle, here are these steps which will help you. 

• At first, you must move toward the home screen of your kindle, must tap on three dots, and after that select “setting”.

• Under the settings section, you must go to “device options” and then move to “device passcode”.

• Thereafter, you can go to the device passcode page, and then select the “turn off” passcode.

• You will be asked to enter your passcode to confirm that you are a genuine user. 

• Now, tap on “ok”.

Password protect amazon kindle is an outstanding feature of amazon kindle and it does let the unauthorized users access your device. By way of using this feature, the content which you read cannot be accessed by others.   

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How To Set Up Password Protect Amazon Kindle Feature
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