Tutorial Of How To Take Notes On The Amazon Kindle Scribe

Amazon has launched many e-readers which are second to none in their features based on generations. The main purpose of Amazon Kindle is to read e-content on it. But recently, Amazon has unveiled a new gadget like the Kindle Scribe which can be used for both reading and writing purposes, or one can take notes on the Amazon Kindle Scribe.  The Amazon Kindle Scribe becomes the first e-reader that is compatible with a stylus for taking note capability, including Kindle e-books, PDFs, and other files that you take from other devices as well. On the other hand, the e-ink tablet supports a proprietary note-taking app that can be installed on it. 

Apart from reading and writing on Kindle Scribe, it is also enabled with sketch-out notes feature that can be handy in a school or corporate sector. Amazon device support, to guide you on how to take notes on the Amazon Kindle Scribe. 

Steps To Take Notes On The Amazon Kindle Scribe

Here are the dedicated steps that will guide you to take notes on the Amazon Kindle Scribe. 

• To begin with, turn on your Kindle Scribe Device and click the “Notebooks” tab that is located at the bottom of the display. 

• Go to the top-right corner, you can find the + icon and click on it, and then select “create notebook” which is found in the pop-up menu. 

• After that, write the name of the notes that will help you find them whenever you need them in the future.

• It is incorporated with 18 templates which have tables, bullet checklists, calendars, schedules, a blank page, etc, and select any one of them. Then tap on “create”. 

• Now, you can access the Kindle scribe note and open it. 

How To Use The Kindle Scribe Toolbar

For drawing sketches or writing notes on the Amazon Kindle Scribe, there are two types of pen for kindle scribe, and it requires different types of toolbar as well. Here are the tools that will help you use the kindle scribe toolbar. 

• On the home screen at the top, there is an arrow and click on either collapse or expand the toolbar. Thus, you can use the full screen while facing a few distractions. 

• Click on the pen icon and select it or again you can pull it up. 

• In addition, you will find a thickness menu which is having five options, including thick, heavy, thin, fine, and medium. 

• In the same way, the highlighter is enabled with five thickness options while the lightness and darkness, or opacity cannot be customized. 

• The eraser comes with five size options, and the other option is the secondary menu which is also enabled with erase. After selecting the tool, you can delete something or erase a page to remove everything. 

• Using the selector tool, one can navigate from the notebook or can move toward a new page. 

• One can also use the undo button to remove the last thing. In case of re-adding the line, a redo option is available.

• Use the Ellipsis icon to move the taskbar to either side.

How Can I Make The Most Of The Premium Pen Shortcut Button

For drawing sketches or writing notes on the Amazon Kindle Scribe. Here, are the steps you must follow to make the most of the premium pen shortcut button. 

1. Using the ellipsis icon, reach the kindle scribe settings which are available in the more tab of the main menu of the device.

2. Now click on “Pen and Pen Shortcuts”.

3. You will be provided with various options like a pen, sticky note, highlighter, eraser, and opt which you want to use.

This tutorial has comprehensively covered all the relevant information about how to take notes on the Amazon Kindle Scribe. However, if you come across any issue during the process, you can contact online experts who are available round the clock to assist you with any technical issue.

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Tutorial Of How To Take Notes On The Amazon Kindle Scribe
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