Nokia T10 Vs Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

The Nokia T10 Vs Amazon Fire 7 tablet is popular e-reader on the market; therefore, they are having millions of users across the world. Both devices are going to be strong contenders for each other due to their cutting-edge technology, as well as, their prices. The Nokia T10 Tablet is known as the cheapest Android tablet with a price tag of $200. Despite all these facts, it is also having its strong competitors like Amazon Fire 7 tablets. The post comes with complete information on both the Nokia T10 Vs Amazon Fire 7 that will help you to choose the most appropriate one, according to the support kindle page helps in the differentiation of your needs and requirements by which you can easily buy the best one.

The Nokia T10 Tablet is not as old as the Amazon fire 7 tablets. The age of The Nokia T10 Tablet is less than one year while Amazon is a brand known as kindle which has a line of products. The main purpose of designing the kindle is only for reading and unlike the Kindle fire tablets, which serve many other purposes as well. It supports low-power e-ink displays that help it to last up to many weeks without being recharged again and again. Both Nokia T10 Vs Amazon Fire 7 devices are budget friendly and can be accessed by their users easily. The Amazon Fire 7 Tablet offers three colors- Denim, Rose, and Black, while the Nokia T10 is available only in ocean blue.

The Nokia T10 Vs Amazon Fire 7 Tablet: Overview

The Fire 7 Tablet comes with a 7-inch display, and its resolution is a 1024 x 600 LCD display while the Nokia T10 is enabled with an 8-inch 1280 x 800 display which is larger than that of Fire 7 Tablets. The Fire 7 Tablet supports only streaming in SD quality while Nokia T10 boasts HD streaming.  The Nokia T10 is incorporated with a Unisoc T606 processor, and it has an octa-core chip with two Cortex-A75 cores which are clocked at 1.6 GHz, and Cortex-A55 cores which are clocked at 1.6GHz.  It is compatible with 3GB/4GB of RAM, and its internal storage is 32 GB /64 GB while the Fire 7 Tablets is known as an unnamed MediaTek chipset with four cores and has a 2.0GHz clock speed.  It is compatible with 2GB of RAM, and it provides two options to choose either 16GB or 32 GB of storage.  In order to enhance the storage space of the Nokia T10, there is a space for a MicroSD card that allows adding 512 GB. On the other hand, the Fire 7 Tablets is also compatible with cards that can add a maximum capacity of 1TB. Both Nokia T10 Vs Amazon Fire 7 devices are incorporated with a camera, but Nokia T10 has an 8MP rear camera against the 2 MP sensors on the back of Amazon’s tablet. 

Both tablets run on Android-based software. The Fire 7 Tablet runs on fire OS.  Amazon has its own app store and does not support the play store and Google services. The fire 7 tablet is supported by Alexa voice assistant as well. In 2022, Amazon announced the Fire 7 runs on Fire OS 8 which is based on Android 11.

The Fire 7‘s battery life lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge which takes nearly 4 hours to charge using a 5W adapter. In terms of the battery life of the Nokia T10, it is said that it lasts all day but it charges faster using a 10 W adapter. Both Nokia T10 Vs Amazon Fire 7 tablets are compatible with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, dual-band, and an audio jack. While Nokia T10 supports stereo speakers and LTE which is optional thus, users of the tablets can connect to the mobile network in case of not have Wi-Fi.

The Nokia T10 is available at $169 in the USA. Under this price, one can get the variant with 64 GB of storage, and 4GB of RAM, and it is compatible with LTE as well. In the case of buying the Fire 7 Tablet with 16 GB which is a base model is available at $59.99 and $79.99 for the 32 GB Model.

The Nokia T10 is three times more expensive than the Amazon Fire 7 Tablets.  If you want to buy a good tablet and are still confused between Nokia T10 Vs Amazon Fire 7 than go with sophisticated features at a low price, the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet is going to be one of the best choices for buyers.

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Complete Details Of Nokia T10 Vs Amazon Fire 7 Tablets
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