Mi reader Vs Amazon kindle are the most talked about brands in the arena of reading technology. Mi reader is going to be a threat to the Amazon Kindle in this digital world. Earlier, Amazon kindle was the only good option for e-readers. Now, Mi-reader stands strongly against kindle with the latest features. The capabilities of both these devices are alluring e-readers. Owing to its features, it has been a headache for those buyers who want to buy a new one. With the help of the post, it will help you understand which e-book is more worth buying. Before buying the e-book, research must be conducted by the buyers. So you can buy the best one that can suit your needs and demands.

An Idea About Xiaomi Crowdfunding For Mi Reader

Mi-reader is known as an e-book that was launched via crowdfunding platform in China was ended on the same day. More than 46,000 people have given their contribution. The people who are on the list of their contributors can get discounts as well. Still, no news has been published about its availability outside of China. Even in China, if an order is placed, after one month it is delivered.

An Idea About Amazon Kindles

It is a product of Amazon which has been sold in millions so far across the world. It is delivered in most countries. It comes in several versions as well. The last version of kindle was released in 2018, and the next version was about to be released in 2020 but due to pandemics, it could not make its appearance in the market. Kindle paperwhite 5 will be in the market this year this news has been rumored.

Xiaomi Mi Reader VS Amazon Kindle - Which One Is Better For You?

Kindle boasts many three levels like kindle, kindle paperwhite, and kindle oasis and its price varies from kindle to kindle which are available on $89.99, $129.99, and $ 249.99 respectively. On the other hand, Mi-reader is very close to Amazon kindle in price.

Screen Size And Weight Of Mi Reader VS Amazon Kindle

Both e-readers are similar in screen size that comes with 6” inch and their weights are very close to each other. Mi Reader has 178 gram while Amazon kindle has 174 gram.

The Internal Storage Of Mi Reader Vs Amazon Kindle

Kindle comes off with flying colors due to its cutting-edge technology. One of the most important features of kindle is its internal storage 4-32 GB which is far better than Mi-reader comes with 16 GB. Kindle can be enabled with more than 1000 books.

Front Light Of Mi Reader Vs Amazon Kindle

The screen resolution has added a new feather to its cap which is worth mentioning. It boasts of 24 – level front light which can be adjusted and can give comfort to your eyes as much as possible. While kindle has 4 Led, It means Mi reader has proved to be better than kindle.

A Jackpot Of Mi Reader Vs Amazon Kindle

In terms of a jackpot, kindle uses far behind technology like Mirco-USB which is not as advanced as type C. While Mi Reader is compatible with Type-C, in this latest scenario, most of the android adopts Type-C technology is a lot of convenient for other devices as well. 

Audio Format Of Mi Reader Vs Amazon Kindle

Kindle is a mile ahead of Mi-reader. It sounds amazing for the Mi readers they cannot use audible technology because it comes with 13 formats while kindle boasts 14 formats which offer the ability to enjoy audiobooks on Amazon kindle.  This is the first critic which is encountered by users of Mi-readers.

The Battery Life Of Mi Reader Vs Amazon Kindle

Before buying any electronic device, the users always think about the life of the battery and charging time.  The battery of Mi-reader is two times stronger than the kindle which lasts for 14 days while the kindle lasts for 7 days. As far as its charging time is concerned which is similar both take 3 hours to charge.

While kindle is a leading and trusted brand in this digital world, Mi-reader is good in some of the features but it will take time to win the faith of the people. There are many obstacles in terms of its availability outside China. Therefore, the users are confused to buy Mi-reader. In a nutshell, at the moment, Amazon kindle is a good option for e-readers buyers. Although having any query then dial Kindle Support Number for the best assistance and the quickest response. Experts are available round a clock.

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Mi Reader Vs Amazon Kindle – Head To Head Comparison
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