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Amazon Kindle is enabled with many lesser known features of kindle and settings that can enhance the reading experience of its owners. But many of its users are not aware of its capability therefore they cannot utilize all the features. The main objective of posting this blog is to make all the lesser known features of kindle familiar to its owner so that they do not find it hard to be familiar with this gadget, which seems to be tiny but it is pocket friendly can be adjusted to your hands and lap easily while the users are on the go with support kindle. Here are a few of the most talked about tips and lesser known features of kindle that make you kindle friendly. 

Tricks To Utilize The Kindle In Utmost Manner

Amazon kindle has rolled out a series of kindles that are known for their specific purposes and after gaining the lesser known features of kindle you will able to access, and a few of the names are including: 

• Kindle ( 8th, 9th, 10th  generation)

• Kindle 

• Travel 

• Oasis  

1. Enabled With Screenshots:

Kindle has the capability of screenshots that can be used later on for reading purposes or sending data from this device to another device. In order to take screenshots, while holding the kindle either keep your finger on the upper right and lower left corner or vice-versa and press at the same time thus the current page which is on your kindle will be saved onto your device as PNG files. 

2. In Corporate With Turning Off The Screen:

The screen saver which displays on your kindle, if you do not want to see, it can be switched by way of following a few steps for example at first press and hold the power button of your kindle until the dialog box appears with three options “cancel” “restart” and “screen off”. In this matter, you can select the screen off, thus, you will not be able to see the screen saver.

3. Send Web Pages To Kindle:

If you want to send web pages to your kindle, you must install the send to kindle and browser extension for both chrome and Firefox so that the web article can be sent to kindle. One more mode is to use services such as IFTTT in order to send articles to Amazon kindle.

4. Enabled With Image Zoom:

In order to use this feature, move to the e-book and click on an image and hold on unless you are satisfied, and then lift your finger. A zoom icon will be on the image. Now, click the icon to zoom, after that zoom in closer, and after you can pinch with both fingers in the image.

5. Enable To Borrow Books From Public Library:

While being in the United States, you can access the public library to borrow books that can be delivered to your device. But borrowed books can be taken for a limited time. For doing this work, it is mandatory to provide input like a library card and a PIN to borrow books.  

6. Play Games On Your Kindle:   

Sometimes, reading makes us tedious and boring, and we start feeling fatigued, in order to overcome tiredness, avid readers can play a few games that can help them to reduce their fatigue. Many of the games can be played including Sudoku, scrabble, rack, and many more thus readers can feel re-energized.

7. Use A Custom Screen Protector:

Lesser known features of kindle with tricks; screen custom feature is one of them. In order to use a custom screen protector, the users have to jailbreak the device, if you can jailbreak the device, you can. Otherwise, you can get support from experts or go through a few articles. As jailbreak is performed, you can add the new image as screensavers. Make sure as you perform the jailbreak of your device, its warranty will be void. Before performing jailbreak, you must go through all the terms and conditions. 

8. Steps For Checking The Remaining Space:

Every device has a limited memory to store data, as it is filled, the users of the device get hampered to enjoy this device, but the issue is how to check the memory of the kindle which required a few dedicated steps given below.

• Move to the top of the screen of your kindle; navigate to the “setting” page.

• In the upper right corner of the setting page, you will find a menu icon to tap on.

• Now, select the “device information” or on the setting page select “the device option”

• Device information page is enabled with information like MAC, address, network capacity, serial number, Y firmware version of the Amazon kindle, as well as the free space available.

By way of going through this post, the kindle owner can get to know all the lesser known features of kindle which can enhance the experience of its owners. In order to get more tricks, the users can get support from experts who can help them out easily.  

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Lesser Known Features Of Kindle Need To Be Unveiled
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