Kindle, the product of Amazon, is equipped with advanced technology that can serve multiple purposes of its users, and the landscape is one of them. It is used by its users to read an e-book in landscape mode. A few of the kindle users find it hard to use this device in landscape mode on kindle. Recently, the software update of kindle begins with firmware kindle 5.13.2 have brought a few changes and its new features. In order to overcome this issue, this post will help you or go through Amazon Kindle Support for more.

If you want to use your kindle paperwhite on landscape mode to read e-books, the automation mode is not supported by this device, by itself, the kindle cannot change from vertical to the landscape. Make sure kindle paperwhite or other e-readers of Amazon are used for reading and audible purposes, are e-readers not a tablet. This feature is compatible with Tablet, rather kindle is lacking in switching from vertical to landscape mode on kindle.

This post is going to be split into two parts. You will learn how to read e-books or other devices of Amazon on landscape mode at first, before firmware of kindle 5.7.3, and then after firmware of kindle 5.13.2.

Learn How To Execute Landscape Mode On Kindle Before Firmware 5.7.3.

You want to switch from vertical mode to landscape mode on kindle to read e-books on kindle before firmware kindle, it requires easy steps to be followed by its users. Just goes through the below-given steps.

• Take kindle paperwhite, click “On Device”.

• Now, you should open an e-book which you will like to read in landscape mode on kindle.

• In order to appear on the menu, you must tap the upper either or bottom area of your kindle.

• To select the landscape mode this is available in the menu.

• After that you will be able to read your e-book in landscape mode.  

If you want to take your kindle to portrait mode, must move to click on the upper and bottom of your kindle unless the menu appears. After that, you can select the portrait mode to read an e-book on portrait mode.

Learn How To Read An E-Book On Landscape Mode After Firmware Kindle 5.13.2

These dedicated steps will help its users to switch from portrait mode to landscape mode on kindle are given below after firmware kindle 5.13.2.

• At first, you must open your e-book on your kindle paperwhite which you want to read. 

• Click on the kindle where you find an empty place and do it unless the menu appears.

• Click on the (Aa) menu which is enabled theme, font, layout, and more to view.

• After that you can tap on the “layout” menu, after that, you will find these options like orientation, margins, alignment, and spacing.

• Now, click “orientation”, and two icons will appear in vertical mode or landscape mode.

• After that, you will click on landscape mode to read an e-book. Now, you will be able to read your e-book in landscape mode on kindle. 

If you want to take back your kindle on the portrait mode to read your e-book. You need to repeat all the above-given steps, and under orientation, you will have two options vertical or landscape, now you will click on the vertical option.    

By way of executing the above-given steps, you will be able to read your kindle paperwhite on your landscape mode on kindle. The portrait and landscape of your Amazon kindle can be switched easily. However, you find it hard to use these steps; you can customer support with ease. 

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How To Enjoy Reading E-Book On Landscape Mode On Kindle
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