Fix Kindle Won't Charge Problem

Gone are the days when readers used to go to library to read books, magazines newspapers and research papers. These books come with some inherent flaws   like font size, color of fonts, and quality of pages that would change its color after a couple of year. Amazon, one of the renowned names in tech online market, comes with sophisticated electronic device with gigantic memory it means memory of one gadget is as big as one small library. But this device is not infallible so many glitches are developed as time moves on. One of the most serious problems is its charging time which takes a lot and sometimes Kindle Won't Charge at all which is a serious issue.

Battery related problem is going to be a drawback for this eye-catching device. Sometimes, Kindle Won't Charge even it is plugged in for hours.  For a moment it gives irritation to its users. Moreover, this device is charged at a snail’s pace. This top of the line gadget draws a few points which need to be double checked before contacting Amazon. Make sure to charge this device with an Amazon’s original cable and the charger that takes around four hours on the other hand if USB cable is used to plug into your computer will take around 13.5 hours.  In order to get more information in the context of charging, read more at the Amazon forum.  

Kindle series of tablets is a magical device for students, kids and housewife.  In spite of making many continuous efforts by Amazon Company to maintain its magic has been unsuccessful. Oodles Kindle Won't Charge issues cropped up for the tech users like life of battery, charging time, and charging port and so on. This device seems to be helpless to overcome such glitches. 

Kindle Won't Charge

Steps To Fix Kindle Won't Charge Problem

  • For the purpose of switching off the device to hold down the powers button for 40 seconds and then try to plug the charger in. 
  • And have patience until your device starts.
  • Kindle takes about 40 seconds to restart, as this time gets over, release the pressed button.  
  • Use original power connector and micro-USB cable otherwise Kindle Fire Won't Charge and you might face issues with it.
  • Kindle and power connector are micro-USB cable friendly.
  • Occasionally, if your device finds it hard to restart, press the power buttons yourself to turn it on. 
  • As your kindle is rebooted, connect the micro-USB cable and power to adaptor to it. 
  • Plug the power adaptor in to the power outlet .
  • Now charge your device at least 60 minutes without any interference.  

With the help of above given points you can resolve your Kindle Won't Charge problem with ease. If issue is not overcome by way of doing above given steps, our Kindle Tech Support team is here to resolve your issue. Do not hesitate to contact them as they are available seven days a week throughout the year.

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How To Fix Kindle Won’t Charge Problem Within Minutes
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