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Amazon Kindle is a small portable electronic device for reading books, which has been developed by Amazon. Just like you download music to an IPod or Mp3 device, you can download eBooks on Amazon Kindle via a wireless network and read it later when it’s convenient for you. Before you could download a book or any other content on your Kindle, you need to Connect Kindle To WiFi Network to gain internet access and then register it with your Amazon account. And if you want to purchase a new book, your Amazon account must have a valid payment method added to it.

Your Kindle device should automatically detect all available wireless networks in the range. Some networks are unsecured for everyone to join, while others need a password to connect. You can Connect Kindle To WiFi network of your house, public WiFi networks, and some enterprise private networks. It is suggested by Amazon that you should not connect your Kindle device with unsecure networks as it might cause trouble for you.

Steps to Connect Kindle To WiFi Network Easily

  1. Press the Home button and then press the Menu button.
  2. If you can see the Settings, tap on it.
  3. Make sure AirPlane mode is off and WiFi is on.
  4. Tap on WiFi Network icon on the same screen
  5. The Kindle will automatically search for available WiFi networks.
  6. Now you should be able to see your wireless network name which is also called SSID.
  7. Select the SSID for your wireless network.
  8. Most wireless networks are secured with a password or pass key, just put that password in appropriate field when asked.
Connect Kindle To WiFi Network

Your Kindle must now be connected to your WiFi network and it will automatically connect to this when the wireless connection is available in range. If you are going out and want to Connect Kindle to WiFi network, you can follow same steps to do so. Now you can Register Kindle Fire with your Amazon account and sync your digital content. If Kindle does not download the books automatically, you can send it manually from your Amazon account.

Still Not Able to Connect Kindle to WiFi?

You may get an alert Unable to Connect Kindle To WiFi, followed by one of the following errors. These errors can be fixed easily just following onscreen instructions on your Kindle still if you face problems, contacting Kindle Fire Support is recommended to get expert advice.

  • The password you entered is incorrect or invalid: Again, click Enter Password; be sure to enter the correct password. Passwords are case sensitive thus there is high chance of typing mistakes.
  • Internet connection failed: You might need to restart your router or contact your wireless service provider.
  • Your are unable to Connect Kindle to WiFi network: You might not be in the range of your WiFi router and you might need to come close to it.

You might also need to restart both your wireless router and Kindle if you are still facing connectivity issues. It has also been observed that if your Kindle device has not been updated with latest operating system, you might not be able to get connected with WiFi network. Just update your Kindle device with latest Kindle Fire OS and try connecting again with the same wireless.

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My Kindle Fire is unable to “hold” its connection to WIFI – it connects, and after a few seconds it loses connection – I have other devices laptop, TV that are connected via the same router without a problem – any thoughts

Mary Morris

I Can’t connect my Kindle to internet, authentication problem.

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