In this digital world, technology is used in every sphere of life therefore; e-reading is one of the inseparable parts of it. Gone are the days, when bookworm used to go to the library to read books or magazines and other sorts of reading content. In this scenario, oodles of e-readers are available in the market, which is very easy to access. It can be accessed in two ways either online retailer or reader’s store. But there are a few issues encountered by its users like which one to buy or which one to reject. It becomes so tough to reach the decisive point. For the purpose of overcoming this issue, the buyers can get the help of the online community or go through the online review as well.  With the help of this post, the readers will be aware of the ifs and buts of these two devices.

Comparison Between Kindle Paperwhite And Nook Glowlight At A Glance

Most of the buyers go through this problem before buying any electronic devices. They must read the features and specifications of stuff carefully so that they can select according to their demands. In order to make it easy, a few of the significant things are given below. There are a few major things that must be focused on by its users like its screen size, battery life, price, weight, and many more. The comparison will provide you more information in detail of e-readers.

Kindle Paperwhite4 comes with an eye-catching size that can be accommodated in the hands of users in an elegant manner which is about 6.7 X 4.6 X 0.36 inches. The weight of this device is around 7.2 ounces which is very light in weight.  It boasts of a feasible screen size which is six inches with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch (PPI). 4 GB is the storage capacity of kindle paperwhite.

Nook GlowLight is second to none in terms of its size which boasts 6.4 X 4.7 X 0.34 inches along with standard weights of 6.9 ounces. The screen size of this device is around 6 inches and the resolution is 300 PPI. Both these devices come with similar storage capacities.

The comparison between Kindle paperwhite VS nook glowLight is very easy for the users because some of the features are similar. While kindle Paperwhite 4 comes with glare-free features and facilitated by the inbuilt light that makes the kindle adjustable according to the surroundings. Nook GlowLight comes with an anti-glare screen protector that makes it flexible to any sort of light.  The duration of battery life is also similar for both devices.   

If the comparison is done on the basis of price, a nook glowLight is a bit expensive than a kindle. Furthermore, both e-readers are compatible with Wi-Fi connectivity.  But buyers are keen to show their trust in Amazon kindle and love to use it. In addition, the users who want to buy new e-readers, are waiting eagerly to kindle paperwhite 5 will be unveiled by the end of this year.

The above-given comparison has covered all the important aspects which can help the buyers to buy new e-readers. Despite having a few similarities in features, Amazon kindle paperwhite 4 is having a leading edge over nook glowlight. if you need more information regarding kindle paperwhite4 vs nook glowLight, you can coordinate with experts people on the Amazon Kindle Support Phone Number,  which remains active throughout 24×7 & experts will assist you to resolve any technical or non-technical query.   

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Amazon Kindle PaperWhite 4 Vs Nook GlowLight E-Reader
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