Kindle is recognized as a synonymous of e-reading machine due to its innovative approach which makes it frontrunner in arena of digital reading. In order to go abreast with competition or time, kindle has launched many versions so far and all are second to none in technology. All they are enabled with new-technology. In general, if there is much stuff available of the same company for the same purpose, it creates confusion among its buyers. They find themselves in an unusual situation like what to pick or what not to pick. In order to take someone out of this difficult situation, this post is integrated with all ins and outs of kindle and paperwhite that will help you make the right reading choice. These reading devices are having so many common features and a number of major differences as well and some of the features are highlighted below.

Comparison In Design Between Amazon Kindle And Kindle Paperwhite

Both these devices look similar because they are available in black color. While basic kindle comes in two colors black and white, whereas kindle paperwhite sticks particularly with black color. The back of these devices is the same which comes in plastic back. The size of these kindles is not huge.

The size and weight are not equal between the two. Amazon kindle’s dimension is perfect that covers an area of 160 x 113 x 8.7mm and its weight is 174 g. whereas kindle paperwhite comes with the dimension of  167 x 116 x 8.2mm along with its weight that is 182 g.

According to size measurement, kindle paperwhite is leading over amazon kindle but not in thickness. Kindle paperwhite is enabled with water resistance if you drop it into 2-meter deep water, and leave it for one hour. No technical error will be encountered by you. Thus, you can use this device near the pool or beach without having a phobia of dropping into the water. But in the case of Amazon basic kindle is not possible, therefore no assurance is given to you.

Comparison In Memory Between Basic Kindle And Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle paperwhite is miles ahead in terms of memory than basic kindle. Paperwhite is enabled from 8 GB to 32 GB that provides good space to download reading content on your device. While basic kindle is integrated with 4 GB. The variations in memory lead to a huge difference.  The storage becomes a major concern if you like to listen to audiobooks via Audible. In this situation, you need to have a good space otherwise you cannot utilize this feature.

The connectivity of e-reader is a key feature that is checked by every customer before buying it. Kindle paperwhite is well-suited with both Wi-Fi and (3 G or 4 G), whereas the basic kindle only is compatible with Wi-Fi.

Comparison In Price Between Kindle And Paperwhite

The cost of Amazon kindle depends on adverts therefore e-readers are given the option to pick the kindle with adverts or without adverts.  The cost of a basic kindle with adverts starts at £ 69.99 /$89.99. If you would like not to have adverts on your kindle, the cost of a basic kindle will be £ 79.99/$109.99.

The kindle paperwhite’s price is available with an advert which starts at £ 119.99/$109.99 if It is enabled with 8 GB Wi-Fi versions, still, there are many options to pick from. There is a sudden jump in price with the same version if it is without adverts that starts at £129.99/$149.99.  if you are looking forward to getting 32 GB kindle paperwhite, you will have two options if you buy with adverts the cost becomes  £149.99/$159.99. And without adverts, the price reaches up to £159.99/$179.99.

Screen Size Of Kindle And Kindle Paperwhite

Both e-reading machines come with a similar screen size that is a 6-inch display. In both e-reading machines are enabled with glare-free technology. Basic kindle comes with 167 pixels per inch while on the other hand paper while comes with 300 pixels per inch. In the darkness, you can read on kindle there is no need to depend on an external light source because both kindles are front lights. Kindle Support Number will help you to choose which kindle is better for you according to your needs.

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Kindle Vs Kindle Paperwhite: Which Is Better For You?
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