Kindle has a lot more than just read digital content from Amazon. It is incorporated with infinite features that make it stand apart from other e-reading devices. The best thing about the kindle is this it is available in many versions and generations or paperwhite 1,2,3,4. It provides several options for the users to pick that can cater to their needs. But before making your mind, you must know about the features of the kindle that you want to buy. This blog is going to reveal all the important kindle tips and tricks which will help you in getting the hang of the new kindle.

Passcode Prevents Your Content From Others

If you want to have solo control on the digital content of your kindle, this kindle tips and tricks will surely help you in setting your passcode that can lock your device. To begin with, follow the steps to set a passcode – you must move to the settings of your kindle and in which you will find device options after that enter your device passcode that will ensure you the security of your content.

Send Your Digital Content From Other Device To Amazon Kindle

It has been a smart feature of kindle to send your desired content like e-books, web articles, text, documents or notes which are prepared by you to your kindle from other devices by using   Send to Kindle App. But the content which is sent from one device to kindle must be of MOBI and AZW format and files or documents must be supportable with PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, RTF, etc. also format of image files must be PNG, GIF, JPEG and more.

Create Your Assorted Collections

Being avid reader, you must think of having your own collection on your kindle. For it, you need to buy your e-books or arrange them in order on the basis of your liking. So here is kindle tips and tricks on how to create your collection. At first, you keep your kindle on and click on “the three dot menu button “which is available on the top right corner of the home screen and later on “create collection” after that you can mention a name of your collection and go to add books that you like, now your e-books will be available in the list of the collection on the home screen.

Use A Screenshot To Send Content From Amazon To Other Device

Taking screenshot on kindle is not difficult work rather it is one of the easiest works. So the kindle tip and trick for taking screenshot is, you need to tap the opposing corners of your kindle with your fingers at the same time, the opposing corners are – top right and bottom left. This can be executed in one more way by press holding one corner and tap on the opposite corner thus screenshot will be taken.  As the screenshot is taken there will be flash which appears on your home screen that gives indication of screenshot has been taken. As per your liking, you can send your screenshot from kindle to another device with ease.

Share An Account With Your Family

The content which you purchase and want to send to your friend through a family library account then this kindle tips and tricks will be very useful. First, move to the menu of kindle then to settings then registration then household then family library then add a new person then add adult. In order to access to your Amazon account, you need to enter your personal credentials like ID of Amazon account and password. As soon as the information is entered, the second person will be able to share and so are you. Thus both can share their e-content to each other.  

It Helps You Customize The Dictionary

If you have kindle PaperWhite, you can customize the dictionary. The kindle tips and tricks to customize the dictionary is first move to the settings then device then options then language then dictionaries.   

Kindle tips and tricks which have been explained above, will help new buyers of kindle in getting accustomed to the device in order to get the best which can cater to their needs. For further information, you can make a contact to Kindle Support Number which is ready to help you and provide assistance remotely.

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