Comparison Of Amazon Kindle Scribe Vs Kindle Paperwhite

Both Amazon kindle scribe vs kindle paperwhite are well-known devices on the market and are enabled with the latest features but are not known for their specific purpose. Many users find it hard to choose the better one in this digital world. In order to keep pace with the time, the Amazon kindle e-reader comes with evolution with its next-generation like kindle scribe while it is a lot more expensive as compared to the kindle Paperwhite. For the purpose of providing information in depth about kindle scribe vs kindle paperwhite, you must go through the device support kindle page and collect valuable information that will help you a lot to understand them.

Scribe Is Dedicated To Writing And Reading Purpose

It is quite hard to change and choose between these kindle scribe vs kindle paperwhite devices so, there are little few feature specifications about the kindle scribe because we all are aware of paperwhite. The Amazon kindle Scribe is a product of the new generation in the arena of writing and reading purposes. As its name suggests it is beyond reading and offers an opportunity to write on its display. It turns out to be an ideal device to write notes and annotations. It can be used as a journal like you are on paper. It has been the first kindle device that supports two types of pens- Basic pen and premium pen. One can upgrade from a Basic pen to a premium pen that comes with an eraser and a shortcut button.

Kindle Scribe is going to be an ideal device for learners and students, who have access to textbooks and educational materials on their kindle devices. Apart from it, one can use it to make diaries, journals, lists, checklists, grids, and lined e-paper. Moreover, one can exports notes and documents using email, and one can annotate and sign PDF files.

Display Size Of Kindle Scribe Vs Kindle Paperwhite

The kindle Scribe comes with a 10.2-inch display with 300 PPI. Apart from it, it has a much larger screen than the previous version of the kindle Paperwhite which is glare-free and has a 6.8-inches screen with 300 PPI. Kindle paperwhite is enabled with the auto-adjusting front-light, as well as adjustable warm light in different conditions which is very similar to its predecessors. 

Storage Of Kindle Scribe Vs Kindle Paperwhite

The thickness of the Kindle Scribe is 5.8 mm which is thinner than the kindle paperwhite, while it has 8.1mm. Being a larger device, the kindle Scribe is bound to be heavier which has 433g while the kindle paperwhite has 207g. The internal storage of Kindle scribe is 64 GB, while Kindle Paperwhite has 32 GB. 

Pricing Of Two Devices Of Amazon

The cost differences between kindle scribe vs kindle paperwhite by comparing versions and accessories. The Kindle Scribe is available in three variants, such as 16GB, 32GB, and 64 GB, and its retail price is $339.99. For writing purposes, it has two options choose a basic pen and a premium pen. The basic pen comes with the device while the premium pen‘s cost is $59 which has a few extra features. On the other hand, the kindle paperwhite is available at the cost of $139 with 3 months of kindle unlimited.  It comes in two variants – 16GB and 8 GB. In case of not want to be distracted by ads, one can go for an ads-free subscription that requires $20 more. 

The comparison between the kindle scribe vs kindle paperwhite provides a great insight into these two devices, but both devices are having different purposes to use. For the reading purpose, the kindle paperwhite is an outstanding and cheap device. The kindle scribe is known for both reading and writing purposes but it is expensive a lot. If you need more information about these devices, you can get support from online experts who are available around the clock to assist you.

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Comparison Of Amazon Kindle Scribe Vs Kindle Paperwhite
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