Kindle Scribe Vs Kindle Oasis

The kindle Scribe vs kindle Oasis are the products of Amazon and are equipped with the latest technology that makes them Amazon’s premium e-readers on the market.  Seeing the fame and popularity of both devices creates confusion for the new-buyers, and they are unable to decide which one to buy or which one to reject. The post comes with a complete head-to-head comparison between the kindle Scribe vs kindle Oasis that will help you to decide on convenient e-readers that can suit your needs.

In this cutting-edge competition, Amazon keeps launching another e-reader on the market to keep pace with the time. Recently, Amazon launched Kindle Scribe which is one of the most expensive e-readers on the market. Most of the time new buyers seem to be helpless to select the right and best e-readers for this click on amazon fire tablet support, here are a few of the things that will let you know to choose the right e-reader. 

Special Things About The Kindle Scribe

The function which is incorporated in Kindle scribe is seen first time in several kindles. It can be used for not only reading purposes but also for writing purposes as well. Kindle scribe offers an ordinary pen-on-paper experience. The pen which comes with the e-reader lets you write documents and take notes and use the device as your personal journal.  

The Kindle Scribe’s target audience is students, and professionals, who can not only read but also write their notes while reading any content that can be viewed later on.  For writing notes, the Kindle Scribe offers a wide range of templates for example checklists and lined paper. The kindle Scribe users can import any type of document using the kindle app or PC web browser, and they can export it via using email. 

Common Features Between The Kindle Scribe And The Oasis

Both the kindle Scribe vs kindle Oasis are having many common features, including long lasting battery life, flush-front design, or built in software’s feature such as vocabulary builder, word-wise, Goodreads integration, and parental controls. Both devices are compatible with Bluetooth headphones and you can easily switch between reading books and listening to audiobooks. 

Difference Between Kindle Scribe Vs Kindle Oasis In Storage And Size

The Kindle scribe is available in three variants, such as 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB while Kindle Oasis is having only two options to choose from -8GB and 32 GB. In terms of storage, the kindle Scribe is giving an edge over the kindle Oasis. The Kindle Scribe comes 7.7 inches wide and 9 inches high; on the other hand, the Oasis has 5.6 inches wide and 6.3 inches high. It means the kindle scribe has a larger than kindle Oasis. The Kindle Scribe is having a weight of 15.3-oz while the Oasis has 6.6-oz. The Scribe is more than two times as heavy as the kindle Oasis. 

Difference In Display Between Kindle Scribe Vs Kindle Oasis

The difference between the kindle Scribe vs kindle Oasis display is like the Kindle scribe comes with a 10.2-inch display which is larger than that of the kindle Oasis which has a 7-inch screen.  The screen of the kindle scribe provides extra size to read and write content. It plays a vital role in non-fiction e-books that has graphs, images, and charts while on the small screen, it suffers a lot. In this situation, the scribe is going to be one of the most suited e-readers for you. 

The kindle scribe is enabled with the same 300-PPI glare-free screen as the kindle Oasis. The Scribe is a built-in 35 LED light which gives more brightness than Oasis while Oasis has 25 LEDs. Apart from it, both devices are having an adjustable warm light, automatic page rotation, an auto-adjusting light, and many handy features found in it.  

Kindle Scribe Vs Kindle Oasis Price

At the time of publishing the post, the price of the kindle scribe is $339.99 with a basic pen while the kindle Oasis is available at $249.99 with the ad-supported model. If you go for a premium pen, you will have to pay an extra $30 as it is enabled with additional features like an eraser and a shortcut button. In case of buying the kindle scribe, you will get four months of kindle unlimited for free, and its cost will be $40. If you choose Kindle Scribe for yourself then you’ll get four months of Kindle Unlimited for free, which is worth almost $40.

The comparison between the kindle Scribe vs kindle Oasis gives an idea about both devices. After going through the post, one can decide which e-reader can satisfy their needs. However, if you need more information, you can contact online experts who will help you around the clock.  

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Detail Analysis Of Amazon Kindle Scribe Vs Kindle Oasis
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