Which Tablet Is Better Kindle Scribe Vs BOOX Note Air 2

When you make up your mind to buy a new e-reader, a number of options available on the market can confuse you; therefore, it has been difficult work to choose the right one that can fulfill your needs. The post has taken two prominent e-readers Kindle Scribe Vs Boox Note Air 2 as both e-readers provide an excellent reading experience and are e-ink tablets but they are different in features, price, and specifications. You can also get information about this through experts by tapping on the Amazon Fire help option. 

Strength Of The Kindle Scribe

When it comes to buying a new e-reader, none of the e-readers strikes our mind except the Kindle Scribe which is known for its affordable price, excellent display quality, and long battery life.

One of the main differences between the Kindle Scribe Vs Boox Note Air 2 is that it runs on Android which lets us access third-party apps providing it a greater range of functionality than the Amazon Kindle Scribe. Furthermore, it is enabled with advanced features for marking up PDFs using Nonreader and navigating which gives an extra edge over the Kindle Scribe. 

The Kindle Scribe also has many cutting-edge features, including a sharp and crisp screen, a smooth writing experience with no lag, a backlight, and a Send to Kindle function that allows us to send content from other devices. 

Key Differences Between The Kindle Scribe Vs Boox Note Air 2

Design And Built Quality Of Both E-Readers: 

The Kindle Scribe is one of the well-built devices with a sleek and slim design. Its matte black finish gives it a premium look. It comes with a lightweight which helps us to hold with one hand. In terms of display, both devices Kindle Scribe Vs Boox Note Air 2 are similar as the Boox Note Air 2 is enabled with a 10.3 inch E-Ink Carta HD display, and its resolution is 1872 x 1404 pixels, On the other hand, the Kindle Scribe features a 10.2 inch E-Ink Carta, moreover, the screen of the device is glare-free which lets us read in direct sunlight. It is incorporated with an adjustable front light that will help us to read in low light conditions. 

The BOOX Note Air2 comes with 227 PPI which is lower than Kindle Scribe as it has 300 PPI. One of the important features of The Boox Note Air2 is its color temperature system. Using this feature, one can adjust the color temperature of the screen which can help us to reduce eye strain. Finally, both Kindle Scribe Vs Boox Note Air 2 e-readers have high-quality displays that make it easy to read content in various lighting conditions. 

Performance Of Kindle Scribe Vs Boox Note Air 2:

The operating system of both devices is one of the main differences. The Boox Note Air2 runs on Android 10 which will let you access the apps and features, such as web browsing, note-taking, and many more. While Kindle Ascribe runs on Fire OS is known for reading and provides a streamlined experience. The Kindle Scribe turns out to be one of the most reliable e-readers on the market due to its performance as it is enabled with a quad-core processor that provides smooth performance. The other important feature is its connectivity which lets us connect our device to both Wi-Fi and cellular networks. On the other hand, the Boox Note Air 2 is powered by an Octa-core processor that provides smooth performance as well. In a nutshell, the Kindle Scribe focuses on reading while the BOOX Note Air2 is more sophisticated and functions like a computer. 

Battery Life Of Kindle Scribe Vs Boox Note Air 2: 

Amazon says the Kindle Scribe’s battery lasts up to 12 weeks, and it also depends upon its usage and light setting. If you want your Kindle Scribe to last up to 12 weeks, you must use it two hours every day with wireless off, and its light setting at 13. Its charging time is nearly 7 hours. On the other hand, The BOOX Note Air2’s battery lasts up to 4 weeks if you use 1.5 hours per day with Wi-Fi off and the light of the front camera must be at 65%. In terms of battery life, the Kindle Scribe outshines The BOOX Note Air2’s battery life. 

Software And Features Of Both E-Readers: 

The Kindle Scribe is supported by a wide range of software and features. It comes with a user-friendly interface, and using it one can navigate its various functions with ease. Amazon has a large collection of e-content in its library, such as newspapers, magazines, and books.

The ability to customize the reading experience is another great feature of the Kindle Scribe. Its users can customize its font size, margins, line spacing, etc. The users of The BOOX Note Air2 can access its features using its interface which is user-friendly, and they can customize its reading experience as well. It offers a wide range of other features, such as listening to music, access to social media; browsing the web, and a range of security features, like facial recognition and a fingerprint scanner. Both e-readers Kindle Scribe Vs Boox Note Air 2 support directing writing on most e-book formats.   

Both e-readers Kindle Scribe Vs Boox Note Air 2 are enabled with a great feature that attracts a large number of new buyers. But the Kindle Scribe is more sophisticated and cheaper than the Boox Note Air 2.  

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Which Tablet Is Better Kindle Scribe Vs BOOX Note Air 2
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