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Kindle is one of the most sophisticated devices, which is used in this era. It has created a new culture of learning and reading. Earlier people would go to the library to reads books and wander from one bookstore to another in order to get the book they want. But it’s not like kindle is a foolproof device, so many issues have been experienced by its users , and one of the most recurring kindle’s glitches is kindle paperwhite won’t sync issue, it means downloaded content is not appeared on your kindle fire or synchronized content is not updated.

The following steps are going to help its users to overcome this issue in a few minutes. It can be followed manually and easily by its users which are given below.

Steps To Fix Kindle PaperWhite Wont Sync Issue

  1. Hard Reset Your Kindle PaperWhite Device
  2. Turn Off Wi-Fi and Turn It On Again
  3. Switch On Flight Mode and Turn It Off
  4. Log Out From Your Kindle Account
  5. Make Sure Your Payment Method is Valid

1. Hard Reset Your Kindle

In order to fix this issue, the first thing which you need to do is to keep your kindle on/off button on hold for about one minute to Reset Kindle, it is not supposed to be released up to this time or until logo appeared on the screen of your kindle. As the resetting of your kindle is done, it should be synchronized. If Kindle Paperwhite Won’t Sync Issue is not resolved, you can move on to the next step.

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2. Turn Wi-Fi Off Your Kindle

It is one of the easiest steps to sync your kindle. To take your kindle and turn its wi-fi off for around one minute, during this time, you must leave it unattended. After that, you should Connect Kindle To WiFi again and check your device, if your kindle paperwhite won’t Sync, then go to next step.

3. Put Your Kindle On Flight Mode

The main purpose of putting your kindle on flight mode or in airplane mode is to overcome this issue. It needs to be kept for 30 seconds or maybe more. After that, you try to sync again. If not getting success, go to the next step. 

4. Log Out Your Kindle Account

Log out your kindle is a unique step to fix this issue. For executing this process, you must follow these steps like menu> settings> my account > and you will deregister your kindle.  After logging out of your kindle, it will ask you to wait for a few seconds and then log back in again. Thus, Kindle Paperwhite Won’t Sync Issue will be resolved.

5. Your Mode Of Payment Is Valid

If the mode of payment is invalid, then the content which you purchased will not sync, and your device will not be able to open it. As a first move to manage your content and devices >go to settings > select edit payment method. Now view the update your one-click payment settings.  It is an easy way to resolve Kindle Paperwhite Won’t Sync Issue.  

6. Repurchase The Content If It Is Necessary

Due to having an invalid payment mode at the time of purchasing the content title, if you want to have the same title, you can repurchase your content and will be charged only that payment which is valid.  

Kindle Paperwhite Won’t Sync Issue can be resolved with the help of this article. By way of reading this article, if you cannot fix this issue; you can make a contact with the Kindle Support experts who are ready to help you in fixing this issue.

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