Kindle Paperwhite Vs Signature Edition

In order to provide better interface and advanced features to its users, Amazon kindle keeps adding new technology with its devices occasionally. Therefore, kindle has a series of its devices, but in this post, only two devices are taken to do comparison between kindle paperwhite vs signature edition. The kindle paperwhite is one of its sophisticated e-readers which is available on its price $140, if readers want to have upgraded that will be $50 more is known as Signature edition. This post comes with ins and outs of both devices so, readers can figure out both devices easily before buying any one of them. If you own one of them and you are facing any issue with it then contact amazon fire tablet support team to resolve your issue easily.  

Kindle paperwhite is one of the best e-readers which have outshone its competitors on the market. But kindle signature edition is better than regular kindle. Recently, Amazon comes with its sophisticated software which works in amazing ways. As we know that the first kindle rolled out by Amazon in 2007 since then, many kindle devices were launched by kindle, but kindle paperwhite has been one of the leading devices that made Amazon top players in the arena of e-readers. For the purpose of making it more sophisticated, Amazon launched kindle paperwhite signature edition with its price $190. Both kindle paperwhite vs signature edition are having identical features, But question arises, what makes the signature edition worth the additional $50? By way of reading this post till end, you will get answer of this question. 

Both kindle paperwhite vs signature edition are enabled with ultra-lightweight design and the size of its touch screen display is 6.8 inch, in order to protect the devices from water, IPX8 is used which is enough against fresh and seawater. Another major point to consider is its battery life which is similar in both devices. Once it is charged that can last long at least 10 weeks. In case its battery gets discharged, using a USB-C port it can be refueled. In terms of its software which are identical in both devices. A few more features are similar, like both kindle support audio books and e-books, free library rental, kindle unlimited subscription, and integrated access to reads, etc. 

Why Kindle Signature Is Better Than Kindle Paperwhite

If most of the feature are akin to both devices, why one has to pay $50 more to buy kindle paperwhite signature editions, one of the main reasons is to its memory, kindle paperwhite signature editions is enabled with 32 GB which provides four time more space to download e-content on your device. If you like to download many audio books at a time, kindle paperwhite signature edition will be a good option for you.

Another great feature of this device is its automatic light adjustment. But 17 LEDs is incorporated in both device that helps to change the brightness and temperature of the screen's light. But with kindle paperwhite has to be adjusted manually, rather kindle paperwhite signature edition is done automatically. Kindle paperwhite signature editions is compatible with its USB-C port with Qi wireless charging. Without plugging in any cables, one can charge this device while keeping it on. By way of going through above given points and comparison between kindle paperwhite vs signature edition, one can figure out why kindle paperwhite signature edition is more expensive than kindle paperwhite. By seeing the features, it deserves to be $50 more expensive than that of kindle paperwhite.

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Comparison Between Kindle Paperwhite Vs Signature Edition
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