Kindle Paperwhite Vs Onyx Boox M92

Nowadays, the market has been flooded with e-readers, and it has been difficult for readers to pick one of the most suitable e-readers that can fulfill their needs. Usually, buyers get confused between many options available for the same product also when each one of them claims to best. Oodles of the e-readers are available on the market including kobo forma, nook glowlight, kindle paperwhite, kobo libra H20, onyx boox, and the list goes on. Seeing the confusion of the readers in terms of picking the best e-readers, the comparisons between two renowned e-readers (Kindle Paperwhite vs Onyx Boox M92) have been done to make your work easier. Either this post or amazon fire tablet customer service will help you to select one which is best for you.

Comparison Between Kindle Paperwhite Vs Onyx Boox M92

Both devices are having millions of users and are enabled with sophisticated technology, but while spending your money you really need to be thoughtful and need to do some serious research before buying it. Here are some points on lines which you must compare between kindle Paperwhite vs Onyx Boox M92.

Screen Of The Devices

Generally, readers want to have a good display size so that they will not have problems while reading, without being tired, they can study for many hours at a stretch. The screen size of kindle paperwhite is 6” while Onyx Boox M92 is enabled with 9.7”. In terms of the screen size comparison between Kindle Paperwhite vs Onyx Boox M92, Onyx Boox M92 is leading and earns more appreciation from e-readers. But the pixel density of kindle paperwhite is 300ppi which is more than Onyx Boox M92 which comes with 150ppi.

Weight Of The Devices

The E-reader must be light so that carrying it feels like carrying a light and thin book, not a tome. Kindle Paperwhite is a light weighted device that weighs 213 g, on the other hand, Onyx Boox M92 is heavier than kindle paperwhite and weighs 520g. At this point, kindle paperwhite has outshone Onyx Boox M92. In thickness, there is a slight difference of 2 mm. kindle paperwhite is slimmer than Onyx Boox M92.

Self Lit Device

Kindle Paperwhite comes with front and backlight, while this cutting edge feature is missing in Onyx Boox M92, therefore, kindle can be used in both dim light and dark. Owing to the self-lit feature, most digital readers want to buy kindle paperwhite.

Internal Memory Of Devices

Kindle paperwhite is incorporated with 8 GB internal memory while Onyx Boox M92 also has the same. But kindle does not give access to the external memory slot but this feature is available in Onyx Boox M92. On this point, Onyx Boox M92 has proved to be smarter than kindle paperwhite.

Common Features In Both Devices

Both devices support Wi-Fi and are equipped with rechargeable batteries Also if while reading you do not know the meaning of any word then it is not an issue, you can look out for it in the inbuilt dictionary, and this feature is also available on both devices. Books can be borrowed from the e-library.

During the comparison between Kindle Paperwhite vs Onyx Boox M9Z is found that kindle paperwhite is a more sophisticated device than Onyx Boox M92. However, there are a few common features in both devices, but kindle is enabled with unique features which are missing in Onyx Boox M92.

Picking one device out of many available seems to be tough work but by way of going through this post, it becomes easy for the readers. The comparison between Kindle Paperwhite vs Onyx Boox M92 is done precisely, and kindle paperwhite is better than Onyx Boox M92.

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Comparison Between Kindle Paperwhite Vs Onyx Boox M92
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