Kindle Paperwhite Vs Nook Glowlight 4

In this tech arena, oodles of e-readers are available on the market, but picking one of the best e-readers is always tricky for users. This post has compared two prominent e-readers: Kindle Paperwhite vs Nook Glowlight 4 thus, users can choose a better one. By going through the Amazon Fire help, one can easily get to know one’s strengths and weaknesses. Here are the key points to remember before buying e-readers. 

Price Of Kindle Paperwhite Vs Nook Glowlight 4

One of the most important things is to its price which affects the users. The Ad-free Kindle Paperwhite is available at $160 which is $10 more than the GlowLight 4; it means its price is $150. If you are serious about their price, the GlowLight 4 is cheaper than Kindle Paperwhite. The price of the e-readers is not everything, hardware and specs are other important things to consider. In terms of hardware, the Kindle Paperwhite gives an edge over Glowlight 4. 

Have A Look At Their Designs

When you think of their designs, both e-readers are similar. In the case of keeping both devices the kindle paperwhite vs Nook Glowlight 4 side-by-side, you will find Kindle Paperwhite comes with a larger screen which makes it a larger device. While the home screen layout is also similar, both offer a grid-focused view of the books in their library. The main difference between both e-readers is their page-turning button which is found in the glowlight 4. Using this button, users can easily access one page to another page. On the other hand, this feature is missing in the Kindle Paperwhite. While reading the page, one has to swipe to access the next page; the Amazon Oasis is enabled with page-turning buttons. 

An external headphone jack feature is not available on both devices Kindle Paperwhite vs nook glowlight 4. But the Kindle Paperwhite is compatible with Bluetooth which allows you to listen to Audible audiobooks. 

Display And Performance Of Kindle Paperwhite Vs Nook Glowlight 4

The GlowLight 4 is a robust e-reader, but its display and specs do not match the Kindle Paper White’s specs. As compared to its storage, it has more than the Kindle Paperwhite. In terms of display, the GlowLight 4 is enabled with a smaller and older display which makes it less snappy than the Kindle Paperwhite. Contrary to this, the Paperwhite comes with a larger collection that shows more text on its screen. The drawback of the Kindle Paperwhite is ghosting which can give us a headache to read words. 

The storage of the GlowLight 4 makes it stand out as it comes with 32 GB storage, whereas the Kindle Paperwhite has 16 GB storage. As we know e-books are so small, therefore, no need to worry about their storage. 

Battery Life Of Kindle Paperwhite Vs Nook Glowlight 4

The battery life is another important aspect to consider for its new buyers. Both e-readers get fully charged in two hours. The Kindle Paperwhite’s battery life lasts for six weeks, under the same usage conditions, the GlowLight 4’s battery lasts for lesser weeks than Paperwhite’s. 

Formats Supported By Both E-Readers

Formats supported by e-readers are one of the most considerable points. Both the Kindle Paperwhite vs Nook GlowLight 4 work on their respective ecosystems. Amazon Kindle relies on all the titles available on Amazon’s digital storefront. On the other hand, Nook users can access Noble’s entire digital library. Users of these devices can sideload several types of files, like ePub, PDF, etc. Both devices are compatible with sideloading books from public libraries and other sources as well. If you want to send the file to your Kindle, you can use Amazon’s service while Nook users must use the Adobe system to send the file on it.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite vs Nook Glowlight 4 are the prominent e-readers on the market. But the Kindle Paperwhite is being sold like a hot cake therefore; it has more users than the Nook Glowlight 4. If you need more information, you can contact to online experts who will help you around the clock.

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Comparison Between Kindle Paperwhite Vs Nook Glowlight 4
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