Kindle Paperwhite And Meebook

Nowadays, the traditional way of reading is on the verge of being extinct due to the availability of e-readers on the market. Many e-readers have been launched by several companies on the market which creates problems to select one of the most ideal e-readers. But this post has included two prominent e-readers the kindle paperwhite vs Meebook-P6 which have turned out to be one of the leading devices in the reading arena in this competitive world. Both devices are enabled with sophisticated technologies which are attracting users across the world. But new buyers of e-readers find themselves in trouble picking a better device between these two. Taking the trouble into consideration, will help you select a more convenient device according to your needs.

Comparison Between Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Vs Meebook-P6

The kindle paperwhite is enabled with a 6.8-inch glare-free E-ink display while the Meebook-P6 has a 6-inch E-ink Carta HD display which is a little bit small in size as compared to the kindle paperwhite. The bezel size of the Meebook-P6 is available along the side which is a bit big and chunky. Both kindle paperwhite vs Meebook-P6 is built in light 300 PPI. Both kindle paperwhite vs Meebook-P6 e-readers is compatible to read during the day or the night because they have 24 LED lights that are fitted underneath the layer of glass and cover the screen. Therefore, the splotches and the grey areas cannot be found on the screen. The kindle paperwhite screen light is adjustable in nature which is giving an edge over the Meebook-P6. 

Underneath the hood of these, both devices is having sophisticated processors kindle paperwhite is enabled from 2.4 GHz to 5.0 GHz networks and the Meebook-P6 is having a quad-core 1.6 GHz processor. It means the processor of kindle paperwhite is stronger than that of Meebook-P6. The internal storage of both e-readers comes with 16 GB which can hold thousands of books. The kindle paperwhite does not have a place to insert an SD card to enhance its memory of it; on the other hand, the Meebook-P6 has an SD card slot that is capable to provide additional storage of up to 128 GB.

The battery of kindle paperwhite lasts for 10 weeks while the Meebook-P6 for a couple of weeks. The kindle paperwhite can be charged with USB-C, while the Meebook-P6 has a Micro USB port, instead of USB-C. The battery of kindle paperwhite supersedes the Meebook-P6. The dimensions of the kindle paperwhite are 174.2×124.6×8.1mm while the Meebook has 152x113x8 mm. The kindle paperwhite has a slightly big screen and is heavier by 40g. 

If you are fond of reading your favorite e-book on the beach side or near the pool, no other device can be as good as the kindle paperwhite because it is enabled with IPX8 water resistance that can protect this device for thirty minutes up to 2 meters of freshwater while this feature is missing in the Meebook-P6.

By reading the post, it is very easy to understand for users of the kindle paperwhite vs Meebook-P6 which one is giving an edge over the Meebook-P6 due to its cutting-edge features. If you need more information about kindle paperwhite vs Meebook-P6, you can get help from online experts who are available around the clock.

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Comparison Between Amazon Kindle Paperwhite VS Meebook-P6
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