Tablet is going to be outgoing technology and e-readers are incoming technology it means e-readers are the substitute for tablets. The battery life of the tablet led this gadget to the exit door of the market. A tablet is no more a required thing that you can bring with you on a week-long excursion. So many flaws in its technology have appeared that can make your eyes fatigue cannot let you enjoy this device on the beachside or nearby the pool. While e-readers are enabled with cutting-edge technology which is robust in nature, they worked out on all the weakness of tablets including the battery life, the thousands of books can be held on e-readers and it can resist water too.  

Now, e-readers are liked by avid readers because it can accommodate more than 10000 thousand books like the entire library. The touch screen of the e-readers is cumbersome that has an easy interface. By seeing the growth of the e-readers in the market, many companies rolled out their e-readers that create confusion among their users and it becomes difficult to pick one of the most convenient ones. In order to ease out this issue, the comparison between kindle paperwhite vs kobo nia is done, so that it becomes easy for the e-readers to pick the convenient one that can suit your requirement. Kindle paperwhite and kobo nia have a series of its products. In this blog, we compare kindle paperwhite Vs kobo nia, and for deep comparison get Amazon Kindle Support.

Features Of Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle paperwhite is a successor of kindle voyage which is enabled with all sorts of features that are missing in kindle voyage. Despite being enabled with advanced features, kindle paperwhite is affordable for users. The Kindle paperwhite is thinner and lighter in the last version. The base model of Kindle Paperwhite has a storage of 8 GB which is twice on the last model.

The screen size of the kindle paperwhite is as same as the last one which is 6 inches.  It is incorporated with 300 Pixel per inch (PPI) it makes words clear to read and it does not create any kind of stress on your eyes. The light of the climate can be adjusted according to your eyes requirements like winter or summer and so on. Thus, you can enjoy reading your book as long as possible without being tired.

It is sleek and the quality of its design is premium which can accommodate your hand easily. The bezel of the gadget is narrow and very attractive.  The water resistance of this device is enabled with IP X 8 technologies which let its users use this device on the poolside or on the beach. So, no need to have panic in your mind in terms of your device if it gets fallen into the water.  The battery life is up to six weeks.

Features Of Koba Nia

Kobo has rolled out a series of e-readers with its innovative technology, Nia is one of them which was launched in 2020 is the cheapest one among its all the products. The screen size of this gadget is as same as the kindle one which comes with 6 inches.  The screen resolution of this device is 212 PPI (Pixel per Inch) and it boasts more clarity than kindle in words, it can accommodate the climate easily so that the device users will not find it hard to understand.   The interface of this device is more user-friendly than the kindle’s model. In terms of interface, it has defeated kindle.

It is incorporated with many features which are not available in kindle like cloud storage, over a driver for borrowing library e-books, dropbox for cloud storage, sideload fonts to the Kobo Nia.

Kindle paperwhite and kobo Nia have the similar appearance but Kobo Nia is enabled with lovely texture which can help its user to hold this device easily. 

Why Should I Buy Kindle Paperwhite?

Kindle paperwhite is bundled with unique features that make it better than its competitors.

• The battery life of Kobo Nia cannot last as long as Amazon Kindle.

• Kobo Nia is more expansive than kindle, thus it becomes inaccessible. 

• The USB-C charging is missing in Kobo Nia.  

• Kindle is enabled with a ton of storage.

• Sharp display. 

In the argument of kindle paperwhite vs kobo nia no one is a winner because both are prominent gadgets among bibliophiles and are having a good number of readers. But kindle is leading and better than kobo on the basis of price and battery. As we know whosoever buys e-reader, they are always keen to get to know about its battery life. On account of these reasons, the people like kindle more than Kobo Nia.

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Kindle Paperwhite Vs Kobo Nia: Which One Should I Buy?
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