Kindle Paperwhite Kids Vs Kids Edition

When it comes to buying e-readers, no other names strike to our mind except Amazon which has rolled out a series of its devices on the market. It covers the demand of adults as well as kids. In order to fulfill the demand of the kids, there are two prominent devices, like kindle paperwhite kids vs kids edition have been launched which are enabled with cutting edge technology. Both devices are creating healthy competition among its users, sometime, its users get puzzled in term of selecting the better one. Taking this issue into consideration, this post is enabled with complete information of kindle paperwhite kids vs kids edition that will help you to pick one of the two. After purchased any devices in between those if you are facing any kind of issue with it then contact amazon help kindle team to fix it in no time.

Comparison Of Kindle Paperwhite Kids Vs Kindle Kids Edition

Before buying kindle for kids, one can go step by step difference in features to decide which one to buy.

Size Of Screen

An Amazon kindle paperwhite kids come with 6.8 inch screen which is slightly larger than Amazon kindle kids. The size of the screen matters a lot at the time of buying because it can accommodate to kids eyes easily therefore they do not feel pain while reading their favorite content. Most of the parents who are really particular about the screen size of the kindle. Both kindle paperwhite kids vs kids edition devices are enabled with anti-glare free so its users can use this device both under the sunlight and night as well. The text comes with both black & white E-ink which is very similar to the original paper and the text looks nicer and clearer on new paper white kindle due to its resolution. The resolution of kindle paper white is incorporated with 300 ppi which is higher than kindle kids edition. If kids want to read the content before going to bad on this device, they can use this feature.

Storage And Battery Life

Both kindle paperwhite kids vs kids edition are enabled with 8 GB internal memory which is enough to store e-content in their devices. Kindle paperwhite has got incredible battery back once you charge, and go on tour it will not drain until your 10 weeks tour gets ended. Kindle kid edition has battery back of only 4 weeks which is not as good as kindle paperwhite kids.


Amazon kindle paperwhite can be saved if it is dropped in water up to one meter; in addition, its users can use this device while walking on the beach or near the pool. It offers amazing experience if its users read their favorite content while it is raining. But this feature is missing in kindle kid edition.

Audible Support & Parental Control

Both kindle paperwhite kids vs kids edition are enabled with audible support which can help kids to develop their understanding as well and parental controls of this device help its parents to keep an eye on online behavior of their kids. It is one the amazing feature of this device.

Weight And Pricing

Kindle paperwhite has 321 gram weights is heavier than kindle kid edition by 33 gram. If you compare the price between these two deices of Amazon, you will find Amazon kindle paper white is more expensive than Amazon kindle edition by $50. The price of Amazon kindle edition is $110. Comparison of kindle paperwhite kids vs kids edition will help its users to select before buying it. Despite going through this article, if kindle buyers find any issue, they can get support from experts who can assist you as much as possible.

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Comparison Of Kindle Paperwhite Kids Vs Kids Edition
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