Amazon kindle is one of the best e-books in the world for its e-readers. As for its innovative technology is concerned, it keeps launching one after another but unfortunately, in 2020 Amazon could not release its new PaperWhite due to pandemics. The Kindle PaperWhite 5 will be released in 2021.  Kindle PaperWhite 5 will be loaded with the latest technology which is missing in kindle PaperWhite 4 that model came in 2018.  New avid readers are crazy to know about the date of launching the new PaperWhite.  The reason for waiting for a new kindle is this kindle has been around three years old and obsolete. Therefore, the demand for new PaperWhite is still soaring among its savvy buyers.

The information in terms of Kindle PaperWhite 5 has been published in this post for its readers. So, it will be easy for its enthusiastic reader to be updated with the upcoming PaperWhite.

Date And Price Of Releasing Kindle PaperWhite 5

The launching date of PaperWhite has not been declared by Amazon so far. But so much speculation about its launching but the tentative date cannot be assumed. It will be in 2021 definitely. 

As for its price of new PaperWhite, the tentative price will be around $119-149/ £ 110-140 which is very competitive and it does not seem to be expensive.

What Will The Kindle PaperWhite 5 Have?

Savvy buyers want to have updated features in the upcoming PaperWhite like longer battery will be one of the major concerns and the performance of the kindle should be up to mark. Apart from these areas, there are more areas that need to be developed in PaperWhite. Thus, kindle PaperWhite 5 will be more sophisticated for its e-readers.

Night mode

Upcoming PaperWhite is expected to be equipped with LED which is known as a night mode style color temperature system. It can help you control the stress of its readers ‘eyes before going to bed.  The bright light of the kindle screen can be mute with various degrees of orange.

PaperWhite 5 Is Coming With New Color Options

This time, the users of the kindle are expecting to see a new kindle in a different color like black, gray, and plastic–clad look. Not like a kindle PaperWhite 4 which is available in twilight blue, sage, and plum option.  Or maybe more options can attract its users more.

Upgraded A USB-C port

Kindle PaperWhite 4 was launched in 2018 and was compatible with micro-USB. In the new version of Kindle, it will not be acceptable.  It is so terrible to carry different cables whenever you are out of the house. But in kindle PaperWhite 5 needs to USB-C, if it happens, it will be delightful news for its users.

Amazon Kindle PaperWhite 5 is a long-awaited kindle for its users since 2018 that supposed to be launched in 2020 but due to pandemics, Amazon could not launch it, and it has been delayed by one year. In this post, all the latest features which is expected to be in PaperWhite 5 have been explained. Amazon Kindle Support will help you if you want more information about it.

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Kindle PaperWhite 5 Is Coming In 2021 With New Features
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