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Nowadays Amazon Kindle has been so famous among those people who love to read books. It is an impressive device that has the long battery life, higher resolution screen, nice performance or quality and more storage. It has been certainly the market leader for e-book and it looks simply like content on the paper. Amazon keeps on adding new versions of Kindle from time to time with upgraded features and thus it has become the most loved gadget especially among the people who are fond of reading. Kindle permits users to read newspapers, magazines, blogs, content, and more with its Newsstand Subscription. This is a good alternative for those who hate reading news on paper but like it digitally.

Kindle’s users can also subscribe to magazines or newspapers from the Kindle store or from Amazon websites. The free trial is additionally available on the Kindle Store or on the Amazon website, so that users can also subscribe to the free trial. All memberships include a free trial period of at least 14 days and users can cancel the subscription at any time and will not be charged. And most of the time there are numerous users who need to manage their Newsstand Subscription settings, however for certain reasons they are unable to do as such. So realizing the need of users, this blog was written with some easy steps to help users.

Kindle Newsstand Subscription

Steps to Manage Kindle Newsstand Subscription

  1. To manage newsstand subscription first of all you are required to go to Amazon official website and you have to login first.
  2. In the upper right corner tap on Account & Lists Icon and there you will get a drop down list then tap on Your Account icon.
  3. Now Manage Your Content and Devices then you have to locate Subscription.
  4. Now click on the Actions button to turn on and off auto-renewal for annual Newsstand subscriptions. 
  5. Download concern of a subscription to your computer and move it to your Fire tablet or Kindle e-reader through USB.
  6. Cancel a subscription and then reactivate an inactive subscription.
  7. Manage your payment information.
  8. Now you can change the device or reading application where future issue should be delivered.
  9. Next manage your privacy preferences and whether to share or stop sharing your email with subscription publishers.

Everything is finished and unquestionably this blog help to all those users who face trouble while managing Newsstand Subscription. In case users have trouble on don’t succeed even after following these given steps then they can get in touch with the Kindle Support for any further assistance or visit Amazon where anyone can get the useful information. Amazon Kindle makes perfect sense that these days of fast data exchange by means of the internet. 

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How To Manage Kindle Newsstand Subscription Settings
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Susan Harlan

How can i delete items i have read and no longer want?

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