Kindle Lending Library

If you are one of those who have Amazon Prime membership, you can easily borrow eBooks from the Kindle Lending Library and read them on your desired Kindle device without any problem. This benefit is exclusive to Kindle users who are Amazon Prime members, however you can also try out this service if you have the Amazon Prime trial. There are millions of Kindle eBooks from various categories in Kindle Owners Lending Library that you can read for free with this service.

The thing to note here is that you can share books from Kindle Lending Library with other people in your home if you want. But you can’t share with other Kindle users. They must have their own Amazon Prime account to use this benefit. Which is still pretty good anyways, because it gives you the value and great experience that you always needed without any problem or hassle. Kindle Owners Lending Library is one of the many benefits that Amazon Prime members get along with free shipping and Prime Videos.

What is Kindle Owners Lending Library?

Kindle Lending Library is a great service for casual readers who do not want to spend much on Kindle eBooks. Here you can borrow an eBook, read it and return it back just like you do with physical library. Books with Amazon Prime badge are only eligible for landing and users can only read one Kindle eBook in a month. However, you can read the same book as many times you want.

Borrow a Book From Kindle Lending Library

You just have to open up the Kindle store on your device and look for “Kindle Owners Lending Library". Here you have to check what titles are eligible for borrowing. Just because you are a Prime member, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can get any book from Kindle Lending Library right away. There are a few things that you need to consider and one of them is the availability. But for the most part the availability will not a problem.

Kindle Lending Library

If you have decided the title from the available eBooks, you will have to select the Read for Free option. The nice thing is that you can read these books for free from Kindle Lending Library as long as you are a Prime member. If you don’t have Prime, then you won’t be able to read these Kindle books without actually purchasing them on your own. It might be a good idea for some Kindle users to subscribe for Prime membership first as it will bring lot of other benefits as well.

Return a Book to Kindle Lending Library

If you have finished reading a Kindle book and want to return it, you have to go to Kindle.Com/Support and then “Manage Your Content and Devices" tab, choose your content and then click on “Actions" button and return the book back to Kindle Lending Library. It’s a pretty simple process to do, yet it does work quite fast if you think about it. Of course, if you cancel Prime membership, these Kindle books are returned automatically and you will not have access to them anymore.

Still, Kindle Lending Library is a great program for people that read only few books every month. The entire system works nicely and you can read a whole lot without having to worry about challenges or problems to begin with. The experience is great, the value is nice and the fact that you can return your book adequately can indeed pay off a lot for sure.

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Kindle Lending Library – How to Borrow and Return Books
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Carol MyCue

The look of kindle lending library has changed. I can no longer pull from the left of the screen “About this book.” What has happened? I don’t care for the new look!


I have forgotten which book I borrowed from Kindle, but need to return it. How can I find out which book in my liberty is borrowed from Kindle?

Lynda Hamby

What happens to my notes in a book that I borrowed from the Kindle library and I return it


I accidentally borrowed the wrong book. Is there a way to return it and still get the book I want in the same month?

malcolm metcalfe

You say “open the device” What device? I have an old kindle and do not know how to access anything positively from it.

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