Fix Kindle Frozen Problem On Fire Tablet (1-855-500-0871)

Is your Kindle Fire behaving strangely? Do you want to fix Kindle Frozen issue on Fire tablet? If yes, you came to the right place. At times, you may be experiencing slow response or freezing on your Amazon Kindle Fire and PaperWhite. After all, it happens with most technology. Kindle is a sophisticated device with small amount of memory and a slow process as compared to today’s modern computers. Thus there are chances that the entire memory may be consumed by multiple apps running simultaneously. The good news is that solving Kindle Screen Frozen problem is very simple. So, let’s start!

Steps To Fix Kindle Frozen Issue

  1. Re-Start Your Kindle
  2. Reset Your Kindle To Factory Defaults
  3. Charge Your Kindle Device
  4. Update Kindle Software
  5. Get Your Kindle Repaired

Now let’s try all the above mentioned steps one by one without skipping anything and for sure we will reach on the conclusion of this problem

Re-Start Your Kindle

The best way to solve the Amazon Kindle Frozen problem on the Fire tablet is by performing a restart. Push and hold the power button for 40 seconds. After the screen goes blank, push, and hold the power button for another 40 seconds. There are other ways you can do to solve the Kindle Fire Frozen problem, including:

Reset Your Kindle Fire

A soft reset forces Kindle Fire tablet to reboot once your device becomes unresponsive, this has been very helpful to fix Kindle Screen Frozen issues. The reboot process will close down the Kindle’s current screen. Then, it will restart on the homepage. All you need to do is to press the power button for about 40 seconds, a reboot screen will then appear.

Kindle Frozen Problem

If for any reason soft reset didn’t work for you to fix Kindle Frozen problem then the only option left is to Reset Kindle to Factory Defaults but there are side effects as well. It will delete all your personal data and settings from Kindle and you have to Connect Kindle to WiFi again and setup it as new one. However this will for sure fix your problem and you will be able to use your Kindle again.

Charge Your Kindle Fire

A low battery may also result to Kindle Fire Screen Frozen problems. If you notice that your Kindle is low on charge, simply connect the tablet to a power source. It is advisable to let your Amazon Kindle charge for about three minutes. After that, you can take further action.

Update Kindle Fire Software

If you will not keep the Kindle Fire software on its updated version, it increases the chances of Amazon Kindle Frozen problem. To see the latest version of the software, simply visit Kindle.Com/Support web page. You can also check it in your device through the Settings menu. If it is not on its latest version, update it.

Repair Your Kindle Device

If none of the above mentioned things work for you to solve Kindle PaperWhite Frozen then there are chances your Kindle device might have developed some hardware issues. All Kindle devices are covered by one year manufacturer warranty thus if you have bought this device within a year, sent it back to Amazon and get a new one. If this is an old device, you might have to look for some third party repair services to get the Kindle Frozen problem fixed. Whatever the case is, repair is the last option.

When my Kindle is frozen, I never take stress so you also do not need to worry when your Kindle PaperWhite and Fire freezes. All you need to do is to follow the above mentioned easy steps to get rid of this freezing problem and after that, you can go back to your usual Kindle activities. At last remember that Kindle is a small device thus do not overload it with many apps that you do not use. You should look for unused apps for every couple of months and uninstall them regularly.

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Fix Kindle Frozen Problem On Fire Tablet (1-855-500-0871)
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Kindle Fire Frozen. I tried the hard reset. All I get is the blank screen then the screen with just amazon on it.
Anything else I can do.

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