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Amazon is an eminent device that has millions of users across the world, and it has pushed its contemporary competitors towards the edge exit due to its robust technology moreover, it has dominated this market segment. However, once in a blue moon, a few of the technical glitches are reported by the kindle users, and one of the common glitches is the fire tablet has no sound. The reason for having no sound in kindle is due to its hardware and software, in this post; both aspects have been covered to resolve this issue so that they can get the audio again on the kindle. If the users have another issue apart from kindle fire has no sound, they can utilize Kindle Fire Support Number to troubleshoot their other issues.

Hardware Issues Of Kindle Tablet

Examine the volume level on your kindle fire:

Sometime, the volume level on your device creates an issue of kindle fire has no sound; therefore, one must check the volume level as well. It sounds incredible as it is a basic thing to do, but it needs to follow a few steps, here we go.

• At first, accessing settings to select, under it, you will find the option of sounds to click on it.

• Toggling the switches, than turning up the volume in order to get it working again.

Examine Headphones And Its Built-In Speaker

The kindle is enabled with two different conduits which are used to generate sound either headphone jack or onboard speaker. One must plug given a pair of headphones into the jack after that check the sound through the channel, and another step will be unplugged the headphones to see the onboard speakers works. In case finding one works and the other does not, the issue may be in either an onboard speaker or headphones jack or maybe using the headphones. At this point, you should go for using another headphones and jack to test if still issue exists, you must think apart from it.

Inspect The Fitting Of The Headphones

Jacks of the headphones can cause a sound issue in kindle fire as they are weak. Therefore make sure you should fit them accurately within the socket. Jacks are available in many designs they should be placed in a perfect manner to avoid facing this issue.

Check A Different Pair Of Headphones

Trying different pairs of headphones to check on your device, in the same way, tries your headphones on another kindle as well to prove they are working not. Thus, the users can find problems either with headphones or devices.

Headphones Jacks Need To Be Cleaned

Headphone jack sockets are akin to bellybuttons so it is a very comfy place for the dust and dirt to sit inside them. They cannot be rinsed with water or soap, only the dirt and dust can be out with the help of compressed air. Performing visual check can be a good idea using a flash light. Make sure while cleaning out jacks, there should be no dust and dirt inside it. Thus, your device Has No Sound issues.

Kindle Has Sound Problem Due To Software

Apart from hardware, kindle fire Has No Sound cannot be negated due to software as well. One needs to do a few things to determine to overcome this issue and assorted reasons are given below.

Using Safe Mode A Bit Tricky

Making a distinction between hardware and software glitches is easy to work for kindle fire users, just they need to use safe mode, by doing so, if the volume of kindle fire is increased, and it means hardware is causing an issue of kindle fire sound.  Usually, people find it hard to keep device on safe mode if they are not tech-savvy; therefore, dedicated steps that can help you use safe mode features of this device are mentioned below

To Begin With Turning Kindle Fire Off

• The next step will be holding down the power button unless you find the Amazon logo.

• As soon as logo appears, you need to press the volume down button, sometime; this process needs a few efforts to perform.

• After, the safe mode will be on automatically.    
Despite performing safe mode, kindle has no sound. You must go to execute next steps.

Reboot Your Kindle Fire

Aiming to software temporary solution of your device is possible by rebooting the kindle fire; the following steps will guide you to restart your device.

• At first, getting screen black of device, holding down the power button for 20 seconds.  

• Wait until it has shut down completely.

• Aim to restart your device, you must press and hold power button.  

If kindle fire has no sound still persists, move to next step that will resolve your issue.

Keep Bluetooth Of Your Device Off

Many a time, it has been noticed that kindle fire has no sound occurs due to Bluetooth which is not compatible with your kindle, at this point, you must keep the Bluetooth of your kindle off which is done using a few steps are given below.   
• To begin with swiping down from the top of home screen.

• After that hit on “wireless”

• Lastly, in order to enable wireless, click on “tap off” Kindle operating system needs to be updated periodically.

The Outdated operating system can be one of the eminent issues of creating sound problems in your device. But the good thing about kindle is that it can be updated automatically.

Factory Reset Can Resolve Kindle Has No Sound

Factory reset of your kindle fire is executed as the last option. Save your data before opting for this method. Otherwise, you will miss your data which is available in your device, in order to backup your kindle data, the following steps are here.
• At first, you must swipe down from the home screen of your device and click on “settings”

• Hit on “device options”

• After that click on “backup & restore”

• Click on “device backup”

• Lastly, click on “backup now”

After saving your data which is in the kindle, you can perform a factory reset.   Download speaker boost app:

After making all the above-given suggestions, you can go to the Amazon website to download the speaker boost app which is free will help you to overcome this issue. Many kindle fire users say that this effort provides great succor to improve volume woes.

Kindle fire has no sound is encountered by most of the kindle fire users which can be resolved by themselves by way of applying the above-given methods. However, you find yourself unable to fix this issue; you can go to the technician or replace your kindle if it is warranty period.

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How To Troubleshoot If Your Kindle Fire Has No Sound
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