Fix Amazon Kindle Error Code 02 Easily (1-855-500-0871)

The demand and expectation of e-readers can be fulfilled by only Amazon kindle that comes into many versions to match pace with the time. On this device plethora of books can be downloaded from the kindle store and sources. There are two kinds of books are available on this device- one is free and the other is paid. Both sorts of books are in large numbers. But kindle is not a flawless device. When Kindle error code 02 appears on this device, it reduces to trash.

What is Kindle Error Code 02?

If users come across kindle error code 02, it means kindle device has developed hardware issue which needs to be repaired by Amazon kindle customer service, and very often, the battery of kindle also creates this issue. The battery issue cannot be resolved on your own and if the device is on warranty period then it can be sent to the Amazon service center and issue can be dealt with. But in most of the cases this error develops only after the warranty period, in this situation, to repair this device becomes as expensive as buying a new device.  

Fix Kindle Error Code 02

Steps To Fix Kindle Error Code 02

Every kindle device develops this error in its life. As you will approach Amazon with your issue, Amazon customer care will try lure into buying through explaining the new and additional features, good battery back-up of new version as if it is impeccable and will never develop this glitch. But generally customers are unwilling to prefer new kindle to older one, even if they are able to buy it because affected device contains many files that are downloaded from different sources not from Amazon store.

Only the hardware of kindle is not fully responsible, many other factors can also responsible for the development of this error. In some situations, kindle error code 02 can be fixed by you, so here are some steps to follow to fix this error.

  1. Stop power supply of this device by pressing power button for at least 45 seconds, and then check if it has started or still showing this error while being on On mode.
  2. If first step turns out to be unfruitful, using a USB cable connect kindle to the computer. If you find it hard connecting USB cable to the computer, you can connect to kindle help for finding help. 
  3. Now you need to fabricate a fake directory under the name Do-Factory-Restore. This directory should not be created within a directory while should be at root level. 
  4. Your Amazon kindle must be disconnected from your computer.  The ejection of the cable must be done in a proper manner by way of the following due process. 
  5. Hold the power button and exercise a boot, now, kindle will be on the path of a factory reset.  Hardware issues will not be resolved which will be as it is supposed to be. With this process, software issues can be resolved with ease.

Kindle error code 02 appears when the device gets old and the warranty period gets over, it can be resolved manually by yourself if you follow the given information in this article. All these steps must be followed step by step. If users find them unable in executing the steps above, they can get the support of the technical team Kindle.Com/Support which is available around the clock.

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Fix Amazon Kindle Error Code 02 Easily (1-855-500-0871)
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