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Have you heard of Kindle Fire email app? If so, you know that it works with Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and iCloud. In this post, we will help you how to get it working and let you know how to do Kindle Email Setup within minutes. In case you didn’t know yet, the Amazon Kindle is a collection of e-readers created and marketed by Amazon. Every Amazon Kindle devices allow users to purchase, download, browse, and read magazines, newspapers, e-books and other digital media through wireless networking to the Kindle Store.

The Amazon Kindle Fire remains to excite more fanatics with its one-of-a-kind technique to using tablets. Now, you can set up your email on the Kindle via the Kindle Email Setup App. That enables you to use both IMAP and POP3 protocols to connect to different email accounts. With these protocols, you can send and receive email efficiently on the go.

Setup an Email Account on Your Kindle Fire

Before you could use email app, make sure you have active internet, if not Connect Kindle to WiFi first. Setting up an email account on Kindle Fire HD includes giving data about one or more email accounts which you have already created with a provider like Gmail. Make sure to follow the following steps to set up your email account the first time you utilize the app.

Kindle Email Setup

Step 1. Swipe down from the top of the Home Screen to show Settings. There, you will see the Quick Settings.

Step 2. Click ‘More’ – There, the Settings panel will show.

Step 3. Click ‘My Account’

Step 4. Click ‘Manage Email Accounts’

Step 5. Click ‘Add Account’ – You will the dialog box appearing on the screen.

Step 6. Make sure that you click Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, or iCloud.

Step 7. Input your username, email, and password in the provided fields, and then hit ‘Next.’ – After that, a new screen will show, showing two fields.

Step 8. Input the name which will show on outgoing messages on the Name field and an address on the email address field for the email account. You see, entering your account name is optional.

Step 9. Input your password for the email account in the ‘Password’ field.

Step 10. If you prefer to set this up as your default email account, you can hit the ‘Send Mail’ from ‘This Account by Default’ checkbox. Then, make sure to click ‘Next.’

Step 11. When a message shows about how some accounts will sync along with your Kindle Fire, you can now click OK to continue.

Step 12. In the final screen, hit ‘Save’ and then hit the ‘View Inbox’ icon to proceed to the inbox for the account you finished setting up.

Now, you can easily set up different email accounts you desire. After you open the email app of Kindle Fire HD, you will notice a Unified Inbox which mixes messages from all the accounts you have created, and even the individual inboxes for every account. Do you think you can now configure your email on Kindle? If not, get in touch with Kindle Support on toll free phone number. We believe with these simple and easy steps on how to configure one, the process will surely be a breeze.

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How to Setup Email on Kindle Fire Like Gmail, Yahoo and AOL
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