Kindle Bookmarks and Notes

The Amazon Kindle has been genuinely a very good product for the avid readers. Using a Kindle device for reading is a nice experience for the users. It helps to build a habit of reading among the younger generation with some great features such and Bookmarks and Notes. Amazon Kindle allows the reader to have the delight of reading book of his / her choice anytime anywhere. Apart from eBooks, users can also buy their favorite digital content and enjoy it on the go. Unlike physical books that can be too heavy to carry, the digital eBooks available on the Kindle Fire are very convenient.

Kindle makes it possible for you to carry hundred of books around wherever you go and you can also download new books if you have internet connection. Reading on the Kindle Fire is very similar to physical books, thanks to its amazing features. You can add Bookmarks and make notes while reading a book to make things easy to remember. Adding Bookmarks and notes on your Kindle device is very convenient but in case you are having issue with it then check out the below steps.

Steps To Add Bookmarks On Kindle Fire

  1. Open the Kindle Book and go to the page where you want to Bookmark.
  2. Now click on the top of this page to Show up the Toolbar.
  3. At the top of right corner of the Toolbar, tap on Bookmark Icon to add a new Bookmark.
  4. Once done, Bookmark Icon will turn into black color.
Kindle Bookmarks and Notes

View or Remove Bookmarks

  1. Open the particular book and tap on the Kindle screen to drag down the menu option.
  2. Tap on Bookmarks icon to see all the list of your Kindle Bookmarks.
  3. To remove Bookmark, go to the Bookmark icon and afterward click on X to remove the Bookmark eternally. 

You have all the procedure above now to completely understand how to add Bookmarks on Amazon Kindle. This is not as much difficult as it looks and you can do this easily. In case you, still have any problem following the above listed step so simply get in touch with Kindle Support to have better understanding. Hopefully these simple and easy points will help you to add Bookmarks on Kindle device.

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Dell Well

Same problem as poster David Claasen. Up until a few days ago tapping on the bookmark icon brought up a list of my bookmarks, now it only adds or removes bookmarks. I can’t navigate to any existing bookmarks. This makes the bookmarks completely useless. What’s the problem here?

John Allen

I’m having the same problem. I there a solution?

Madelene Lewis

I am having the same problem with bookmarks. Has anyone found a solution?

David Claassen

All of a sudden my bookmark icon only lets me add or remove a book mark, I can’t actually go to a bookmark. What’s wrong?

Debbie Moore

Mine is doing the same. Did you find a solution?

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