Kindle books are available in AZW format, in order to make them compatible with other devices; the format of the Kindle book can be converted into a PDF file. Many of the kindle users download books in AZW file format, and the cons of this format are is it becomes difficult to read kindle books on other devices, but this format can be converted into PDF format easily. PDF format is compatible with most devices and it opens on other devices without making special efforts. As you covert the format of your kindle books into a PDF, it becomes readable on almost all devices.   

This tutorial is enabled with all the information that will help you convert your kindle books into a PDF format. In this post, the users will learn how to convert kindle in two ways offline and online.

Method1: Using Offline Method To Convert Kindle Book InTo A PDF

Caliber is one of the most recognized platforms, which helps us convert kindle book into a PDF offline. Caliber is a free app that can allow us to read and manage kindle books on several devices. Converting Kindle book into a PDF is one of the unique features of this software.  

Your kindle book must be downloaded to your computer via USB cable, and a free caliber app too. Here are a few steps that will guide you to convert kindle books into a PDF format offline. 

• After downloading the calibre app on your system, you will be prompted to click the green” add books” option which is situated on the top-left corner.

• After that, you must navigate your kindle book on your PC, and make double-click the book that you want to add to the calibre.

• After that, you select the book which you added recently in the calibre app, and then click the” Convert books” option which is available in the top menu bar. 

• You must follow the screen; go to the output format to select PDF which is found in the top-right corner.

• If you want to modify metadata for your Kindle books, you can click on the” OK” option which is at the bottom.  

• In order to watch the conversion progress, you will click the “jobs” option which is existed in the bottom right corner.

• As soon as the conversion of the book is done, you will make right-click on “PDF” which is situated next to the format,  during the next step, you click “save the PDF format to disk” which is situated in the menu.

• As the last step, you can decide the folder where you want to save your PDF converted kindle book. 

After that, the kindle book will be available on your computer in new PDF format to read.

Method 2: Using Online Method to Convert Your Kindle Book Into A PDF

Oodles of the sites are available which are second to none in terms of converting online kindle books to PDF format. In order to convert your kindle books to any format, you do not require downloading anything on your computer while it is perfectly web-based.  

In this post, we use top-notch online-convert which is absolutely free, go to the official website and you will find it easily.    

• As you visit the official website of online covert, it will ask you to choose files and upload your Kindle book.

• Navigate your book where you have saved it on your computer and select your kindle book to upload.

• As soon as a book is uploaded, you can click “start a conversation “ 

• Wait unless your book is converted on the site. 

• As the conversion of the book is done, the PDF file of your book will be downloaded automatically on your system. If it gets failed to do so, you can get the route of downloading books manually, just you need to click on “download”.

Now, you can read your Kindle book into a PDF format on any desired device. 

Most of the kindle users find it really tough to convert Kindle book into a PDF format, but by way of reading this post, their problem will be resolved with ease. However, if the users find themselves unable to do it, they can get the help of Kindle Support which is available 24 by7, and provide their assistance remotely. 

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How To Convert A Kindle Book InTo A PDF In Easy Method
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