Parents always throw their weight behind their children. Being parents, they want their children keep pace with the latest technology so that, they can be techie and can accommodate themselves in the upcoming time. Therefore, parents provide them Amazon fire tablet which is enabled with all sorts of cutting-edge technology. The best feature of this gadget is its parental control that makes them enable to keep an eye on the content they are surfing on the internet. However, this gadget has all sorts of positive features, but if parents think if something like any content can spoil their child they can keep it out of children’s reach. This article is dedicated to providing itsy-bitsy of a kid friendly Amazon fire tablet.

There are many key areas that need to be done by their parents before giving Amazon fire tablets to their kids you need to improvise it according to the child and here are few key areas that need your attention.

• Give protection to your account.

• Add a child profile on the Amazon fire tablet. 

• Make a list of the content for their kids.  

• Setup your own screen time for the Amazon fire tablet.

• Web content of your child’s tablet managed by you. 

• Use Amazon free time.

Give Protection To Your Content:

In order to give protection to your content, some basic things which are supposed to be executed by parents are explained below.

• Firstly, open the settings of the fire tablet. 

• You will find “security privacy” under the “personal”. Make sure to set lock screen Passcode.

• For locking the screen you can either opt for a password or a PIN whichever you find easy or convenient.   

It is one of the ideal tools to protect your content from children. Thus, your children cannot access the screen of your fire tablet unless you share a PIN with them. It is an excellent effort that can keep your children out of reach.

Add A Child Profile On The Amazon Fire Tablet.

In the next step, you are supposed to create a profile for your child that can make a kid friendly Amazon fire tablet. The following steps are going to guide on how to create child a profile on the amazon fire tablet.

• Go to the top of the screen, and from there pull down the menu,

• And then click on the “your user icon”. After that find the plus button to add a new user. 

• And click on the “OK” to agree with the step. Now, add the child profile along with the particulars such as name, gender, and the DOB (date of birth). 

After that, it will lead you to the themes which come in two ways one is the blue sky which is suitable for less than nine years old, while the other is Midnight black theme which is for between nine to twelve and after picking your choice, you can tap on the add profile.

Make A List Of The Content For Their Kids

After creating a profile of your child now as a next step you need to add appropriate content like books, videos, audiobooks, games, and apps. All of this content will help your child educate his brain. After you are done with deciding the content you want to add tap on the done. If you want to change the material, you can go through these steps like settings > profile & family library, and then add content/ remove content.  The age filter is another great feature of it. According to the age, you can set content. According to the age, you can set content and make a kid friendly Amazon fire tablet.

Setup Your Own Screen Time For The Amazon Fire Tablet:

If you have a problem with the time your child spends while glued to the tab, and want to have control over it then set up time limits can a good option for you. The educational goal can be set by you according to the time limits for apps, books, audible and videos. The good thing which you have in your hand is to control entertainment content unless the child achieves educational goals. Thus, your own screen time is going to help you set up a kid friendly Amazon fire tablet. Setup your own screen time is one of the most important features that make a kid friendly Amazon fire tablet.

Web Content Of Your Child’s Tablet Managed By You

You can have control over the web content your child access on Amazon. It has a very easy process to do. Go to the web setting in your child’s profile then switch on Enable web browser and limit web content for your child. Thus, you can choose material for your kids to browse on their fire tablet.

Use Amazon Free Time:

Amazon free time is going to be one of the most leading features of this device that will help you set up kid friendly Amazon fire tablet. But it is paid which comes in a monthly subscription. Amazon free time can be an ideal option for kids of three to twelve years. It automatically removes ads, links to social media sites, etc. So, you don’t need to check or set all sorts of content manually.

With the help of this article, you can set a kid-friendly Amazon fire tablet with ease. Despite reading this article, if you find it hard. You can contact to get a solution to your issue. Your solution will be resolved within a few minutes.

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How To Setup A Kid Friendly Amazon Fire Tablet
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