Kindle is one of the most leading e-reading facilitating device has been proved to be a boon for readers across the globe. Now, physical reading material is going to be disappeared from the market. In order to keep pace with the time, the kindle has come with many latest versions or generations. So, it can well comply with the growing needs or demands of readers. Despite being enabled with all sorts of latest features, the users of the Amazon kindle want to add something to it which is possible only via jailbreak. In this blog, Jailbreak Kindle PaperWhite is going to be explained below with complete guide.

What Is The Advantage Of Jailbreak Of Kindle PaperWhite?

In order to enhance the functionality of the Amazon kindle, jailbreak kindle paperwhite is one of the best options for its users. A whole lot of things can be added to it like the font size which you like, an improved PDF reader that helps readers to read ePub files, or Mobi files which is against the nature of kindle.

Jailbreak Of Kindle Paperwhite’s Screensaver

Kindle is customizable and it can be jailbreak but jailbreak of kindle paperwhite is a bit complex as compared to mobile or computer. For jailbreak of kindle paperwhite screensaver, the first thing you need to do is to jailbreak the device. After that other files are supposed to be installed on the kindle. If jailbreak of kindle paperwhite requires, a few of the files are supposed to be modified as well.

Here Are Few Steps That Will Guide Us To Jailbreak Of Kindle PaperWhite

Step1:  To jailbreak of kindle paperwhite seems to be tough for the users. Because it has many complicated steps which need to be followed by its users. If you complete this tutorial precisely, your kindle will not get bricked. Otherwise, it will be bricked.

Step2:  at first, two files must be installed on your kindle either the python pack or the screensaver hack. For installing these files, it will ask you to click on these links like kindle-python-0.8.N.zip and kindle-links-0.15.N.zip.  At first, you will be prompted to remove kindle–python-0.x.N.zip file, after that, you must update_python_0.x.N_install.bin file. For the next step, you must connect your device to the computer to copy this to the root directory.  Later on, eject the device from the computer via this process Menu> settings> menu > as this process gets over, you will be asked to choose the update your kindle option. And wait until it gets updated. After that, you must connect your PaperWhite to your computer again, to follow further steps of jailbreak of kindle paperwhite. 

Step3: The next step is this you are supposed to install the screensaver hack.  For installing it, you must adopt the same process. If you want to remove kindle_linkss_0.1x.N_bin file to the root directory of Amazon kindle.  If you want to disconnect your paperwhite from your system and want to update it, again as soon as updating is done, it will ask you to connect it again to your computer.

In a root directory, three more links will be available like python, extension, and link; it will ask you to click on the link and open it, you will find screensaver.   

Jailbreak of kindle PaperWhite is another feature of kindle paperwhite that makes this device more sophisticated. But it is a bit difficult to do so, despite going through this article, if you find yourself unable to jailbreak your kindle paperwhite, you can coordinate on Kindle Fire Support Number with the experts who are available online round the clock. 

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Jailbreak Of Kindle PaperWhite for Screensavers & Apps
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