Kindle fire is a top-notch product of Amazon which is equipped with the latest technology in this digital universe, consumes all sorts of media content like magazines, newspapers, news, and many more. The unique functionality of this device is possible with the help of software that needs to be updated after a certain period. The main purpose of this blog is to teach its users how to install kindle fire tablet software update manually step-by-step in a few minutes. Kindle fire tablet software can be updated either automatically or manually. If the software is not updated, the device becomes sluggish or starts losing its performance.

What If Software Of Kindle Fire Tablet Is Not Updated?

Software updates are one of the most essential things which are supposed to be executed by its users due to change in technology. To enhance the stability, performance, and to make the users experience better, the software of kindle demands to be updated periodically. It is true most of the time kindle user becomes lazy to install kindle fire tablet software because it takes a couple of minutes. If the users get fail to update its software, this device becomes sluggish and unresponsive. Therefore, this device needs regular updates to let it meet your expectations.

Now days, kindle is updated automatically. If latest software is not compatible to be downloaded automatically to your device, here are the easy steps to install kindle fire tablet software & resolve this issue manually.

Steps To Install Kindle Fire Tablet Software Manually

This is very easy to install kindle fire tablet software manually in a few minutes. It needs system requirement like kindle, Computer, and USB micro cable, and here are the dedicated steps that will resolve this glitch with ease.

• At first, download software update file to your computer and save it any where in your computer or in downloaded drive.
• Now, connect your kindle to computer or laptop using micro USB cable.
• You will find your kindle at same location as external USB drive appears.
• Now, you will find kindle fire device on your computer, after that with the help of the mouse, you can drag software update file into the internal storage folder.
• Later on, the file transfer is completed, and it is time to eject your USB cable from computer or kindle.
• You will be advised to click on menu icon on the home screen of your kindle.
• Then, you will be prompted to make a click on update to install kindle fire tablet software.
• As you click on update, your kindle fire tablet restarts while the software updates.
• Installing system update will be in the form of the message on the screen of your device after it restarts.

How to install kindle fire tablet software update manually is recognized as a glitch that is encountered by its users. It is not a herculean task to deal with, while it requires a few steps to do. The above-given steps surely will help you resolve this issue. If you cannot do it by yourself, you can get help of Kindle Fire Support where experts will provide you with tech-support remotely.

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