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Kindle fire tablet is a product of Amazon which is also known as kindle fire runs on android OS, and the price of this fire tablet is cheap as compared to other devices. In order to get the best of this device, we have to install Android Apps so that we have access to Google play services. As we know that this device restricts its users to the Amazon AppStore that has some apps and games. But some of the renowned platforms like YouTube, Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, etc are missing on it. If the users want to access Google play store also based on android OS. This post concerns with install Google play store on kindle fire tablets which can be done in a few minutes. But in case users are not able to do this then they can contact kindle support team to resolve their issue easily.

Install Google play store on kindle fire tablet needs a few of the steps to be followed by kindle fire users. In order to run Google play store on Kindle, kindle fire users have to go through troubleshooting steps.

Using Unknown Sources To Install Google App Store On Kindle

With a view to installing the apps from outside the Amazon appstore, the fire tablet users have to open and install app from downloaded APK files. To download APK files is possible following few steps.

How To Download APK Files From The Internet

  • To begin with, go to the home page of your home screen to open the “settings” app.
  • Under settings, you find security & privacy (older version of kindle is enabled with the option of security) to tap.
  • Later on find the switch for “Apps” which is under unknown sources. And then turn it on.  
  • During the next step, you move to the “apps from unknown sources” to tap. As you click on it, you will find the list of the apps. As soon as you install APKs, you may get a popup. You need to click on the “allow” button when prompted.
  • Thus, you will be able to download and install the APKs to receive the Google play store run.

Install Google Play Store On Kindle

After downloading APK files on your on your Amazon fire tablet, we can start installing them one by one. Go to the home screen to open “files” app then move to the side menu to select “Downloads” and go to the list to see all the files. You will be able to see the four files which you have downloaded.

Follow The Steps To Install Apks File In A Precise Order
  • Click on the “file” move to “continue” to select.
  • After that tap on “install” button.
  • During the next step, you will click on the tap of “done” after that you are asked not to open the Google play store yet.

As soon as you installed APKs on your system, you must reboot your system. At first, you must hold down the power button then move to select the “restart”. As you restart your system, you will find the Google play store on the home screen of your system. You will open it and sign in with Google account. As you signed in with Google account, soon after you will have functional Google play store, which is similar to the any other android device. Thus, you will be able to download those apps which are missing on the Amazon Appstore.

Install Google play store on kindle fire tablets can be done with the help of the article. Apart from going to this article, if kindle fire users find it hard to overcome Install Google play store on kindle fire issue, you can get the help of the experts remotely.  

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How To Install Google Play Store On Kindle Fire Tablets
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