Install Flash Player On Amazon Kindle

Flash player does not run on Android devices as Google does not support it. But you do not want to miss out on the content of Flash Player around the web. The owners of the first-generation Kindle Fire tablet can access it by enabling themselves. But to access the content of Flash Player on the second-generation Kindle Fire Tablet, you will have to use a third-party app to install Flash Player on Kindle Fire as Flash Player is not available on the Amazon App Store. Amazon fire customer service always helps you to find out the issue solution.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Of 1st Generation

The Kindle Fire Tablet of 1st generation was released in 2011 and is equipped with built-in support for Flash Player. For its users, turning off/ on is very easy for them.  

Kindle Fire Of 2nd Generation And HD

The Kindle Fire of 2nd Generation and HD do not support Flash Player, which means they have hard luck here. Despite this, the users of the device can install Flash Player on Kindle Fire by executing several steps.

Allow Installation From Unknown Sources

To install the Dolphin browser and to install flash player on Kindle Fire, the first thing that you do is to allow it from unknown sources like any other third-party app. The Kindle Fire has disabled it by default. The main reason for installing the Dolphin browser on Kindle as it is not compatible with Flash anymore. Moreover, other prominent browsers like Mozilla, and Chrome are not supported by Kindle either.

Here are the steps that will help you install it from Unknown Sources

The Dolphin and the Flash Player are not found on the list of the Amazon app store. One can get to install Flash Player on Kindle Fire or Dolphin from Fire Tablet.

• To begin with, launch the Silk browser on Kindle Fire. 

• Go to the browser’s address bar paste the above given link, and then go to the address.

• Now, click on the link that will take you to the Flash Player to download page. 

• After that, click on the “Download” button, soon the downloading process of Flash Player will start.

• Now, go back to the last page.

• Click on the “link” that will bring you to the Dolphin browser download page.

• Click on the “Download” button. 

As the downloading process is over, you can install the apps or install Flash Player on Kindle Fire.

Steps To Download Apps On Kindle Fire

• Go to the home screen of your Kindle Fire Tablet and launch silk. 

• Click on the “Main Menu” icon or three horizontal lines.

• After that, select the “Downloads” tab.

• Via using the silk, you will find the list of all downloads. 

• Now, click on the “Flash Player installer”.

• Soon, the app will need your permission. 

• Click on the “Install’ button.

• Click on “Done” as the installation process is over.

• Next, click on the “Dolphin Installer”

• Now, provide permission as it asks.

• Click the “Install” button. 

• As the installation process of this app is over, click on the “Done” button. 

Learn How To Enable Flash Player On Dolphin

The following steps will guide you to install Flash Player on Kindle Fire or on Dolphin.

• At first, launch the Dolphin browser on Kindle Fire. 

• If you are using it the first time, there will be an introduction page, and swipe to the left to get rid of it. 

• As you are on the home page, click the “Main Menu” icon which is at the bottom center of the browser window.

• During the next step, click the “Settings” icon which is located at the bottom-right corner of the browser window.

• Now, access to the “Privacy and security” section.

• After that, click on the “User-Agent” tab. 

• Select the “Desktop” option that will help you to see desktop versions of sites.

• To confirm your choice, click on the “OK” button.

• And then, access to the “Web Content” menu. 

• Click the “Flash Player” tab. 

• Click the “Always on” option.  

The installation process of Flash Player on Kindle Fire becomes easy after going through the post. If you need more information about to install Flash Player on Kindle Fire, you can online support around the clock.

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Learn How To Install Flash Player On Kindle Fire Easily
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